Croazieră cu barca, modalitatea ieftină de navigare
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Navigarea nu trebuie să fie neapărat costisitoare, alăturați-vă grupului de navigație Sydney Raid pe o croazieră cu șapte bărci peste noapte la Point Wollstoncraft pe Lacul Macquarie, la 2 ore și jumătate la nord de Sydney, în iarna australiană. #sailing,#woodenboatsarebetter,#dinghycruising, celelalte videoclipuri ale mele Mulțumim pentru filmări suplimentare de la Dave Boats: Tammie Norrie-Trevor Tammie Norrie-Dave & Rick Kombi-Mark Paradox- Chris Cygnet -Chris Drascombe Longboat- Ric O’Day Daysailer- Bruce Stornaway 18- Paul Muzica: Infinty- Lemmino Breaking Copyright Shere- Mike Vass The 35 years Waltz-Mike Vass Evolving Plane- Muzica: https://www.purple-planet Muzică .com de la Uppbeat (gratuit pentru creatori!): Cod de licență: ITNPHLCFOJBYAXVD Muzică de la Uppbeat (gratuit pentru creatori!): -phillipson/making-progress Cod de licență: 5JJYDO5ZS2WIUZ10 Muzică de la Uppbeat (gratuit pentru creatori!): Cod de licență: SJAHTXGRT0PDJJ9Q Deep Mystical Lake- pp Muzică de la Uppbeat (gratuit pentru creatori!): Cod de licență: NQXIGP3ZTLDIBYJV Setteled in Clay- Mike Va ss Rise Above- Muzica: The long View- Muzica:


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  1. Thanks for your videos. I can only sail vicariously these days! I am hoping to once again have a boat soon, but I just moved across the US to Maine, so not a lot of sailing season left here before the cold comes.

  2. I've sailed dinghy to 50 ft. This size sailboat is way underrated. Easily trailer-able. One man can step the mast. Store it the driveway or backyard. Change the launch location. Explore different locales.

  3. Thanks to YouTube suggestion! Ive been to Sydney a few times but didn’t know about this lake at all! Sydney…do you know off the semi scale cruise ship about 20-30 feet long in Sydney. Oriana like and I found a photo of him cruising in rough looking Sydney harbour regatta poking out at the rear, sailing boat on his left…back in the 1980s I think…Ive searched for the photo etc but cant find it now…subscribed btw…. Thanks Laurie Tokoria NZ.

  4. Love it guys. Need to get a group together to do the same thin here. When the guy with the Day Sailor showed up, my heart skipped a beat. Our second boat when I was a kid was a DS. That brought back memories. But, again, our first boat was an Silhouette. Wooden boat from England that my dad was so in love with. We lost it in a storm within a year of buying it. My dad was so sad to see it bashed up from the rocks on the Tennessee river. I don't think he ever got over it.

  5. I very much enjoyed this video. The boats are all great, but the one that is most interesting is the Paradox. I've watched a number of videos on these boats. I like the chine runners as an alternative to keels or centreboards. I have a fascination with these small, watertight cruisers. Sven Yrwind (Bliss, Exlex, etc.) worked with the designer of the Paradox when he was in the 'States. His current project is very interesting – check it out on YouTube. Also, Yann Quinett from France has just completed a world circumnavigation in his plywood and fibreglass, 14-foot-long (!), Baluchon – A truly epic achievement. But we're getting away from dinghies here. I built an Iain Ougtred boat, the Seahorse Skiff (15'x5') with sprit sail and sail it here in South Australia. I'm not convinced with the sprit – it's often a pain. To accommodate my family, I bought a 1975 Sunmaid 20 – a lovely little cruiser, and very seaworthy, currently stripped bare in my driveway for remedial work and modifications. I noticed one on one of your earlier trips. I will send a couple of pics if I remember, and hope to take the Sunmaid to NSW next year. Thanks again for sharing.

  6. Thanks again for a great video – amazing variety of sailing craft in one place! i have an old wayfarer, dont think you want a picture of that – i would love a winkle brig, but they are like hens teeth…

  7. Always look forward to and love Paul's videos. Something unique that I didn't expect. The towing vehicles (shown at the 54 second mark) are all so normal (well maybe not the flatbed pickup, which I love) compared to vehicles required to tow larger craft. For me, this is one of most important aspects of dinghy cruising, and one of the primary reasons I sold my Rob Roy 23. Just use your regular car. Ironic that Paul is almost embarrassed about the one hour launch time of the whole group. The 23 footer I used to have took two people three hours to raise or lower the mast (and a lot of fear & muscle); I don't miss that drudgery one bit. Dinghy cruising is evolution.

  8. I was pleased with myself when I correctly answered your question Paul… 🙄🤣🤣😁.
    Yet another great video and I seem to be commenting daily as I'm binge watching and catching up. You really do document your adventures beautifully.

  9. Excellent video Sir I am new to your YouTube channel I'm familiar with ROGER BARNES in France and I came across your channel and I'm enjoying it very much I've subscribed and look forward to seeing more videos I'm in the process of buying a Canadian built Vandestadt and Mcgruer Siren 17 daysailer thank you for the information on the return to port marker color scheme very interesting.

  10. Although we have a solar powered boat we were joined by two other couples in their sailing dingys. We cruise and camp on the larger inland lakes/dams in South Africa. It proved to be a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing your sailing experience.

  11. I lived in Blackalls Park for a bit. Used to hangout in Toronto . Fished in Lake Macquarie and drove all around the lake and that whole area. Loved it there and miss it and the people.

  12. I'm not a sailor; I was on a sailboat once and enjoyed it, though. This is very well done; I particularly liked your use of music – the music itself, the volume you set for it, the amount of time you gave it… superbly chosen and implemented. The video quality is also excellent, to boot. A delight to view.

  13. What a great video Paul – captivating and I did not want it to end! The music just added to it. At 66 and 56 years sailing and building boats (I used to build West wight Potters in the 80's) I've been up and down the length of boat spectrum and now happily sailing a Drascombe Drifter. Quite a rare Drascombe in some respects. Centre ballast keel with ballasted bilge keels and yes it does sail upwind and quite nicely too. Loving the big cockpit, the stability and choice of three sails, none of which are too much stronger than me. Is it my forever boat?  Probably go down the Paradox route when I'm really old. (no offence to Paradox sailors – it just seems a sensible choice when bones are a bit creaky, and falling overboard is a major drama – not that I have ever done so). Minimalist sailing can make one smug I've decided. The deeper the draft the more you miss out. I think there is a culinary equation too, based on the number of burners used to cook a meal versus the satisfaction you get from it! You are lucky to have such big lakes too Paul. There is something about lakes I've decided – yes they can be treacherous if not respected, but most times the further you sail on a lake you get to another place, at sea the further you sail (out to sea) so often the wilder it gets. Both conditions and view. I've a few cousins in Sydney, probably time I visited! …

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