Land Ho!  Ultimele zile pe Atlantic (PARTEA 3 a Atlantic Crossing) |  Ep.  61
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Bine ai revenit! În acest videoclip ne continuăm călătoria navigând peste Oceanul Atlantic, îndreptându-ne spre Caraibe. Aceasta este ultima treime a pasajului și trecem de la o vreme calmă la un vânt mai puternic și o umflătură care schimbă complet experiența. Încercăm să ne zburăm cu drona pe mare, ceea ce a fost o experiență destul de tulburătoare și reflectăm la ce înseamnă viața de trecere pentru noi și la modul în care am găsit amândoi această traversare. Apoi, după 17 zile pe mare, vedem în sfârșit pământ! Ancorăm în Martinica și ne pregătim să explorăm noul continent! Multumesc pentru vizionare! Dacă vă place ceea ce facem și doriți să ne susțineți, abonați-vă la canalul nostru. 🙂 ––––––––- PATREON: INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram. com/navika_sailing/ SITE WEB: FACEBOOK: LISTA DE REDARE SPOTIFY DE MUZICA VIDEO: c3f8134a6cc641de –––––––––– Muzică din acest videoclip: –––– ––––––- DESPRE NOI: Buna ziua! Suntem Alex și Lars. Locuim la bordul navei noastre de 37 de picioare, Navika, și navigăm cu normă întreagă. Urmăriți în timp ce documentăm înaltele și coborâșurile vieții pe apă.


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  1. Congratulations on your safe passage! You went thru all the range of emotions that there are in every phase of passage making. Navika did well for you and delivered you safely to the Carribean! Could not ask for more! Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations 👏 guys, well done, amazing!!! I found your channel a few days ago and binge watched every one of them!!!Absolutely love your video’s!!!
    Looking forward to your future travels.
    Take care.

  3. Congratulations guys. Excellent camera work and editing giving us three great videos of the crossing. Thank you. Perhaps you need some form of bungee cord on that vang.

  4. Thanks for this and previous episodes! I enjoy watching your beautiful pictures and to hear your reflections about what sailing does to you, and how cool it is to actually cross waters, end especially oceans! Wish you the best and hope to see more soon!

  5. Congratulations guys. What an achievement. You should be very proud. Looking forward to following your adventures in the other side of the Atlantic. Thanks for the videos. Keep up the good work.

  6. my boat is rigged with 4:1 block systems on each side attached to mid-boom and at toe rail on each side. This works as both a preventer and vang for downwind sailing. less forces with this line mid-boom and boom pulling up (trying to lift) at a 90 degree angle to both boom and deck. I hope this makes sense? easy to rig also. can send pics if needed.

  7. Kudos to you and mighty Navika! Navika is such a beautiful boat. All that gorgeous wood gives her boundless character and makes her as special as her sailors! Can’t wait to see your Caribbean cruising! ☯️

  8. Aside from the obvious sailing content; the sails and surf and sunsets, I'm liking all the intellectual considerations and acknowledgements of mental state and mindset during this Atlantic crossing experience; as well as the logic and strategy of watch schedules and management of time zone adjustment. Thanks for all the zen! Big fan.

  9. Great set of episodes crossing the Atlantic. I really felt you captured the joy of sailing and your commentary was always insightful and full of warmth. Thanks so much and congratulations.

  10. Hi. I’d swap the kicker so the block which you attached to the ring on the deck would go on the bottom of mast. This will take most the load and also be even when you let boom in or out as the angles are aligned, then you can run the final block to align with the fair lead aft. Good luck.

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