2022 ROCKWOOL Danemarca Sail Grand Prix |  Ziua 2
41 2 minute o lună

Urmărește acțiunea live din ziua a 2-a a ROCKWOOL Denmark Sail Grand Prix. Poate Nicolai Sehested și echipa sa daneză să aducă acasă victoria pe apele de acasă? Abonați-vă aici: https://bit.ly/2IZR3n4 Like SailGP Pe Facebook: http://sail.gp/facebook Urmăriți SailGP Pe Twitter: http://sail.gp/twitter Urmărește SailGP Pe Instagram: http://sail .gp/Instagram Rămâneți la curent cu buletinul informativ SailGP: http://sail.gp/signup SailGP navighează redefinit. Înființat în 2018 și cu sediul în Londra și New York, SailGP este un campionat sportiv anual, global, care oferă tehnologie îndrăzneață, de ultimă oră și atletism uimitor. Cursele de coastă, centrate pe fani, au loc în unele dintre cele mai emblematice porturi de pe glob și culminează cu o cursă de meciuri de 1 milion de dolari în care câștigătorul ia tot. Echipe naționale rivale din Australia, Danemarca, Franța, Marea Britanie, Noua Zeelandă, Spania și Statele Unite se luptă cu catamarane F50 supraalimentate identice, proiectate pentru curse intense la viteze electrizante care depășesc 50 de noduri (aproape 60 mph).


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  1. Ditto on the camera direction: awful They cut away to a water view at critical times with a long telephoto that has no depth of field. Flying boats are cool the first time then not so much. I think they are hoping to catch a crash in real time (but this is on youtube). If that is your goal catch it in replay. I think viewers want to learn the strategy and why the boats got penalties. It is getting to a point that if I miss a series I don't care.

  2. The commentators are infuriating for sailors to listen to. Inane comments meant for the layman. Give us proper thoughtful sailing commentary please not hyped up layman dr

  3. Spittle has completely lost it. The US needs to replace him if they want to win some regattas. So many great skippers in the USA, why do they keep going with Spittle? He has not shown any ability in this format.

  4. Please!!!…. CAN the virtue signaling on carbon footprinting. Try and tell me you are not flying all of these superannuated salts around in fleets of private jets let alone the footprint involved in the total inability to dispose of tons of carbon fibre, lipo batteries, corporate hostility detritus and other GP Crap unsustainable colateral rubbish. Need we mention the superstar billionaire superyachts ploughing up the world!s resources following the fleets? The sailing is all great fun, but please stop peddling advertising bollox about sustainability – the have yachts really care not a flying fig about the have nots!! Seriously people….Billionaire business raider Jim Ratcliffe running a carbon friendly mega-corps???…seriOusly???Man gets his wedge using up HUGE quantities of the world’s irreplaceable natural resources!!!do us a favour!!!

  5. Too bad Day 1 was a flop, but really good choice to run 3 fleets followed by the final podium race. Turned out to be a really good day of racing.

  6. Honestly, why on earth would you have two enormous cruise liners 50m upwind of the marks? Who is organising this circus, it's like you want it to be a complete lottery!

  7. Why didn’t you mention the reason why Her Royal Highness Crown-Princess Mary of Denmark was racing with the Australian team???
    I honestly think it deserves to be mentioned that it wasn’t just a coincidence!
    She is from Australia, born by Scottish immigrants to Tasmania!
    It was also in Australia, during the Olympic Games in Sydney, that she met her husband, His Royal Highness Crown-Prince Frederik, (aka "Pingo") of Denmark.

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