Navigați spre Moorea cu un motor spart WHS E97

Navigați spre Moorea cu un motor spart WHS E97

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23 thoughts on “Navigați spre Moorea cu un motor spart WHS E97

  1. I just don't get the modern sailor ? People have been sailing around for thousands of years without and engine ! I grew up with a 35' sail boat in my back yard and my father always instilled the idea that it's a sailboat sail it ! A well oiled crew with let you down alot less often than any internal combustion engine ! Before my father was done with the yacht club 40 years ago he ended up with a vessel with an 18' beam and yes we had a crew but we dock it under sail many times , before he ended up turning over the helm to me he put a new 60 hp diesel engine in plus a new 7 gal fuel tank ! I ask why ! His response was ,
    Have fun people …….

  2. Universal Joint Socket aka kuckle joint socket. Used for tight/confined areas. Given everything on the engine is in tight quarters would be a good investment to build out your tool kit with these inexpensive items.

  3. You got to carry a tube of silicone! it is the best! Even when you have the gasket.
    Your pump is corroded at the cover level ,careful filing with a flat file could be the solution
    even if you have to adjust the impeller core thickness (have to do what you have to do girl)

  4. These johnson type pumps, the pair of seals, usually start to drip every few years, especially if unused for periods. The seals are generic, cheap, just order against dimensions embossed on face of old seal, or measure, shaft dia, then outside dia, and the length. Seriously, they are about £3 each here from a bearing specialist. However, much better is to try get marine grade, which has bronze or stainless tiny coil spring inside seal, as mild steel rusts. When seal starts to fail, on bearing side, obviously this wrecks bearing… but worse, can then run water back into engine, the chain casing. That's serious bad. So, well done, caught this asap. Stay vigilant for any drip there.
    Impeller paper gasket, thickness is bit important, v thin paper as it sets clearance for impeller against front plate, makes good seal to pump well

    Also wondering why you used socket to undo awkward bolt. I use open ended spanner, and flip it over each go, to get onto flats, smal arc of movement. Carry spare seals, gasket or thin paper, and … try get spare screws, too easily lost.
    Love your resourcefulness… and the old DV10!

  5. First time viewer, I found your name referenced on a video entitled "Most Popular Sailing YouTubers", where you were listed as an up-and-comer. What interested me is you were the only female solo sailor, so I had to check you out. I am so glad I did 🙂

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