Prima navigare cu noua noastră barcă nu a mers așa cum era planificat - Ep.  314 RAN Sailing
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Alăturați-vă echipajului RAN Sailing ~ pentru streamuri live, conținut exclusiv și multe altele În episodul de astăzi ieșim la navigație cu Articos pentru prima dată. Navigam spre o insulă nelocuită numită Lindö și ne distrăm de minune. Dar a doua zi motorul se comportă ciudat… Suntem o familie suedeză care a navigat prin lume din 2016 în timp ce împărtășim aventurile aici pe YouTube. Barca și casa noastră este un Najad 440 din 1988. Postăm un nou episod în fiecare vineri, așa că asigurați-vă că vă abonați și apăsați clopoțelul pentru a fi primii care află când există un nou episod! CONECTAȚI-VĂ CU NOI – Site: – Instagram: – Facebook: PRODUSE ȘI CAMERA: https:// Am colectat unele dintre produsele pe care le folosim în viața noastră de croazieră și realizarea de videoclipuri în magazinul nostru Amazon. Dacă cumpărați oricare dintre articolele din magazinul nostru, primim un mic „ka-ching” în pisicuța noastră de croazieră (fără costuri suplimentare pentru dvs.). Mulțumesc mult și mulțumesc programului Amazon Influencer. Credite muzicale: Love, Malin, Johan & Vera


45 de comentarii la „Prima navigare cu noua noastră barcă nu a mers așa cum era planificat – Ep. 314 RAN Sailing

  1. We're back with a new episode, sorry that we missed a week! We've moved into our farm and it's been quite hectic 🙂 But we're so happy to be here and to start the boat building project! Thanks for watching😀

  2. Lovely, nice sail and a a beautiful island. Wonderful camera shots. Looks blissful. That's a shame about the engine, oh a build up. Great vlog 🙂

  3. For me, the most interesting thing begins – the design and construction of a yacht. I will be very happy if this stage is shown on your channel in as much detail as possible. Thank you and good luck!!!

  4. Beautiful scenery you captured, so sorry about the exhaust problem. So hate having to smell and risk it too. Your motor: is the starter motor on top and the generator on the side ?
    Best Wishes

  5. I started watching you many years ago and followed your many voyages and the different vessels! Its so nice and warming to see your little girl growing up and you as a family . Greetings and love from me in NZ.

  6. Hey hey ran sailors ,, I have two md11 (md2) . Awesome engines.. that aft end of the exhaust may cause problems.
    Raw water may eat in to the metal and clog it eventually. Obviously that takes time to happen.
    My trick for long term parking is loading it up with engine coolant after a fresh water rinse.
    But yes, on one of my engines that end lossend up too. As the generator do too. 😜

  7. Really nice video and a great small adventure boat. So many beautiful spots to see and go by water. I laughed when you said it was odd using a tiller, I have used a tiller for almost 10 years and am confused when on another boat using a wheel lol. I think you will enjoy the tiller once used to it, they are very responsive and you have great feel of what your boat is doing. looking forward to the next video, Cheers!

  8. What are the specs of this boat and by which building group, looks very nice. I have the 33 ‘ Ranger, but it has no superstructure to protect you from oncoming seas.

  9. I can’t wait to see your farm and I’m really looking forward to your boat building experience. I hope you share the whole process from design to launch. Love your channel!

  10. Lovely episode! Tusind tak! We were there a few weeks ago with our little Albin Vega (from Skovshoved). Hanö harbour restaurant has the best fish n’ chips in the universe. Hope you had some.

  11. Volvo MB2B …last forever….easy to maintain…no electronics. I found adding fuel conditioner cleans up the smoking problem. They like to be run hard. A little tuff to start in the fall, but, nothing a little preheating can’t fix. Very loud indestructible monsters😄
    I have a full keel and know exactly your pain when manoeuvring in reverse…I use the prop wash on the rudder with short,fast fwd throttle then back to neutral…..

  12. I so recon and know what you are on about, saling a Marieholm 32E myself for 17 years now. Revers with long keel… big no… no no…
    That is an MD2 right, well, the "new improved MD11C is not much of a diference. lol.
    Waiting for your next episode… cheers…

  13. WARNING. – Exhausts can be extremely dangerous on yachts especially if they leak and this can cause CO2 build up in the bilge (seeing unlike in a car it is a space sealed by the watertight hull and which if it happens is not detectable by smell but will kill you despite you not smelling it. You need a CO2 detector in the bilge to be safe.

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