Probleme cu iahtul abandonat GRATUIT!
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Accesați pentru a economisi 10% reducere la prima achiziție a unui site web sau a unui domeniu folosind codul „RECONSTRUIRE”. În acest episod aruncăm o privire la motorul 2 de pe iahtul abandonat gratuit! Am reușit să punem motorul 1 să pornească și să funcționeze, dar demarorul motorului 2 a fost stricat. Am schimbat starterele și am decis să încercăm! Motorul 2 va funcționa la fel de ușor ca și motorul 1 sau are probleme serioase cu motorul? Aflați în acest episod din Rebuild Rescue! Consultați sursa de piese marine pentru toate nevoile dvs. de navigație: Vă rugăm să susțineți proiectul 401 cu o donație către gofundme. Orice puteți oferi este foarte apreciat! Ia-ți niște produse de salvare pentru reconstrucție! VERIFICAȚI ACEST LINK….. este gratuit… Informații de contact Sales@rebuildrescue. com


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  1. I think you will have to go into the cost of running and maintenance, and how to fund it, before making a decision. The keep and use sounds attractive, but you will also have to assess how much time and cost will be needed to maintain it if you plan to have member help. Gliding clubs have developed this fine art …. but it takes a lot of effort.

  2. Okay I have an idea why not take veterans and their families, out on trips that they can't afford maybe a two weeks fishing trip. And also for first responders, veterans, and first responders have done so much for us.

  3. Had many an engine have a knock or lifter tap after sitting and it go away after running and getting properly oiled. Not saying its always the fix but make sure you've got oil pressure and maybe even take the distributor oil and run the oil pump on a power drill for a bit then run it. Yeah never know it might clear up. If its being rebuilt anyways its worth a try. Ive also had stuck lifter and tapped them with a brass hammer before and had them free up. Sometimes oil and lube will bring them back.

  4. My thought is to keep the boat and take Veterans out to fish, and or chill away from things. Selling and donating would be cool, but may not create real world experience for individual Veterans. Just my opinion….

  5. 1) If you sell the boat and donate the money, it's a one time donation, if you keep the boat and take out veterans, that could be a multi year benefit for veterans and 2) Do NOT attempt to take parts from the right engine and put them on the left engine, they do rotate opposite directions, and the starter ring should be different as well. the starter from the other engine will rotate the engine backwards.

  6. I would like to say that that website does not have everything… I’m trying to find a new lower unit for my 1999 Yamaha 90 hp outboard and it is a 2 stroke and I can’t find it anywhere… if anybody sees this and has a suggestion it would be greatly appreciated…

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