Cum să navighezi (pentru începători)
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Videoclip despre cum să navighezi, destinat începătorilor completi la navigație. Acoperirea modului de ridicare a pânzelor, a punctelor de vele, a tăierii pânzelor și a vira în sensul vântului. Dacă ești interesat să contribui, link-urile pentru venmo, patreon sau paypal sunt mai jos: /$SamHolmesSailing Bitcoin: bc1q23xsnagqat94tcu6tr40zcj504njlzqq2hg39c Urmărește-mă pe instagram @SamHolmesSailing


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  1. Top tip for tacking single handedly… If you need to sheet in harder, but don't want to helm with your one leg whilst you crank the winch with the handle.
    Point briefly into the wind, and use the flap of the sail to give you the ability to pull on the sheet by hand, keeping the tiller between both legs; the fall back off the wind so the sails fill.

  2. One suggestion for boats with hanked-on headsails: as soon as you've brought the bagged sail up to the foredeck, tie the bag off to a cleat or a handrail or a lifeline or something, then pull the sail out of the bag and hank it on. It's much easier than fishing the bag out of the water!

  3. Great job Sam! And, YES, please make another video or two about this. I was planning to take the ASA 101 class but covid wrecked my plans. Now that covid is basically done, I planned for summer 2022 but a diagnosis of a serious health problem hit me in early June which required major surgery. I made it through that and now I'm recovering well. My new target date is Spring 2023. Meanwhile, I love watching your sailing videos so please keep 'em coming!

  4. I have no interest in sailing myself, but still I’m hooked on these videos. I love learning about how you sail around the world. Please keep making videos because it is so fascinating. Especially these how to sail videos aswell. Thank you for the great content

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