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Pentru a vă înscrie la buletinul informativ Yachts For Sale: www.yachtsforsaleblog.com Pentru a urmări Yachts For Sale pe Instagram: www.instagram.com/yachtsforsaleblog Când am ajuns la bordul X-TREME 105 „Lady Fleur” nu aveam idee ce era pregătit pentru mine. Nu numai că iahtul a fost extraordinar, dar cei trei prieteni care au format compania au fost și uimitori. Aceștia sunt oameni cărora nu le este teamă să facă lucrurile în felul lor…și în acest caz mi se pare foarte mult că au făcut lucrurile în modul CORECT!



  1. What a beauty, but I'm still waiting for more tech stuff lol. What is her cruising speed and range??. top speed?? fuel capacity??. And off-course her price??. David a great walkthrough and what a fantastic yacht. Thanks again for bringing us yet another inovative and beautiful yacht.

  2. I had the privilege to visit this yacht on site when she was in the last stage of detailing before final delivery.
    Very nice build. Beautiful design and a lot of space. Would be nice to build them also in full aluminium.

  3. That's it, switch the internet off, I've seen everything I need to see! What a truly astonishing vessel! Pair that with an Iguana X100 as a chase boat and viola, and that's my idea of perfection. Brilliant video as always David.

  4. Thanks David, just too short!
    It turns out that I went out around this yacht on a paddle board just off Puerto Portals as I was intrigued by the design and had to see more.
    Awesome innovation in a beautiful design. Great to see something new.

  5. Hey, luv your stuff but YouTube is putting 2 back to back 15 sec commercials at start and then more commercials- thanks but no thanks listening to ‘Greeny bank of the West’ stupid phukking ads how your debit card saves the planet while I’m getting ready to watch and enjoy a wonderful yacht sick up ‘literally’ a BOAT LOAD OF FUEL! YTube employees are idiots

  6. Wow ….. that lloks as good as a yacht gets for the size …Intelligent Yatching …… now my favorite brand with Bering …well done keep building designs like this

  7. I really wonder – if you already have batteries on board, why don't you put solar panels on the massive surface area of this boat. Or at least on the roof of the flybridge? Yachts consume an incredible amount of energy, a lot of it for air-condition.

    So it is completely beyond me, why you would not do everything in your power to reduce the consumption of these luxury boats where the small additional cost of solar equipment can completely be ignored and would not reduce comfort at all?!

  8. Hi David, could you perhaps do a video covering some of the lesser known brands that aren't big spenders in marketing that finish to high quality European standards? they can be from anywhere in the world, I remember you talking in one of your videos about a broker knowing some of these builders for new production/custom yachts and I was curious to know more of the brands. I am not in any position to buy a yacht. Thanks David, have been loving your channel, addicted to watching all these yachts, fantastic engineering, fantastic design, fantastic life style I would love to achieve one day. If I ever get in a position to buy one, I'd love to work with you 😀
    Edit: I found you through NautiStyles with Victoria and Rico, they are building a Bering 75, what are your thoughts on Berings and other builders in Turkiye?

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