Echipaj nou pe un catamaran charter în Bahamas
44 1 minut o lună

Sărim pe un nou-nouț catamaran cu vele Bali 4.2 în Bahamas și ni se alătură și un nou membru al echipajului! Acest canal este finanțat de spectatori ca tine. Vă rugăm să ne ajutați să menținem acest canal creând conținut grozav devenind un patron Donați prin Paypal pentru a ajuta


44 de comentarii la „Echipaj nou pe un catamaran charter în Bahamas

  1. Bobby, this is so awesome…. You look excited again, that’s so nice to see, also, I love the new cat…. The Blonde? Def an eye catcher, but not sure if she and Steph are gonna mix…. Anyway. I get it…. I’m happy and excited for this new adventure….

  2. hi guys its a SAILING cat so use the sails maybe to have the real experience and the door you open by hand had an electric divice on the side on the fridge and its probably a goog idea to secure it when open whith hook placed on the side its maybe for security purpose just a thought have a nice and safe trip

  3. Hi Bobby, I have watched you forever. I was so happy when Stephanie came back to the show. You and her are made to be together. She brings life to the show and you seem to be happier then when she was gone. Best of luck to you and Stephanie.

  4. I have been following Bobby for years also , but I am a cheap grumpy old fart so I only have a regular account on youtube . I am dirt poor and disabled so I can only live vicariously through all the amazing videos !

  5. There is no question that Bob brings the girls on board to sell his YouTube videos.
    Unfortunately these girls think he has something more honest and sincere going on.
    When these girls get jiggy with him (sex) they think there is something special going on between the two. There is not, its business $$$ , having sex with these girls is just a topping on the cake for him.

  6. Having to enjoy a vacation on a boat while other people are paying for it by YouTube money $$$ is kind of joke and exploitation, its a money making con job in essence.
    Bob goes little further by having sex with the girls he brings on, they get exploited to a further extent.
    Will he dump Steph for the more curvaceous big boobed model , time will tell folks

  7. Nichole seems nice but not a patch on Stephanie, who obviously loves Bobby and I'm sure Bobby loves Stephanie, made for each other, we love it my husband and I, I'm Valerie my husband is Arthur, when Bobby and Stephanie do P.D.A. so keep doing it. This actually one of the best videos in a list of great videos, we are looking forward to the next one in the flotilla, curious to see what Nichola has in mind for Steph as long as Bobby approves, and Stephanie is happy. 😍😍😍😎😎😎😈

  8. gosh darnet, hunting, fishing, and HOT!!! now I gotta follow another IG HOTTIE sorry for the truth, but HOTTIE SHE IS!!! 🙂 lol lookin forward to this cruze….

    WHEN WE GET TO SEE YOUR NEW BOAT??? are you gunna get to SEE ANY OF IT BEEING BUILT??? VISIT THE FACTORY or any of that stuff on VIDEO????

  9. You def need her on your new crew. This woman on there with her abilities catching free fish while cruising minus bait unless you or her catch the bait that is she’ll be better at catching than you Bobby unfortunately for some good meals at open sea. Learn from her about everything!

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