Sail Life - Modificări electrice la bucătărie și finalizarea tuturor proiectelor (săptămâna trecută în Plymouth)
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Ultima mea săptămână în Plymouth înainte ca Ava să se întoarcă! Este timpul să puneți toate capetele pierdute și să finalizați ultimele proiecte! *** Link-uri *** Site-ul Sail Life: Sail Life pe Patreon: Sail Life pe Instagram: saillife_/ Sail Life pe Facebook: Sail Life pe Twitter:


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  1. I'd consider a bar extension on that gimbal lock so you don't have to reach under the stove to actuate it. Just imagining reaching under there after a year or so of use and coming out with a greasy arm. Yuck!

  2. Sad to see the end of DIY phase, your sailing videos are still a bit too serious and methodical, but I'm sure you'll figure that part out soon just as you did with DIY videos in the beginning. Can't believe I have been watching your videos for 5 years every Sunday.

  3. Mads and Ava did the springy material you put under the mattress last winter solve the condensation problem? I have an HR 34 and I get condensation under my mattress in the winter. John

  4. Glad to see that you install the toilet paper properly, over the top rather than under. Makes up for the oopsie of the stove back-splash, at least a little. Looking more and more like home rather than a building site which will be especially appreciated now that sailing is becoming more the focus.

  5. We have a (cringe) very expensive (non-toxic, non-foam, non-VOC, etc) mattress and … neither of us could sleep on it without a (cringe) nearly as expensive topper. Those things are worth far more than their weight in $$, glad you were able to get that resolved.
    Fun to see the never ending battle against leaks – how long would you say it took you to re-bed those ports? I just came back from looking at a Yankee 28' today where I have a feeling the owner maybe skipped a few rounds of ensuring the butyl tape is in all the right places – going to be passing on that.

  6. You could flip the backsplash upside down so that the goof holes are at the bottom and less visible, or you could trim that part off and make it shorter.

  7. HI i am
    a big fan of yours Mads but lately your
    content have been getting boring all you guys do is work and repairs even though you just refitted your boat , not trying to be a ass just want to see you guys having fun sailing and enjoying different places and cultures , i hope to see you and yours on the high seas enjoying and not working so much , travel safe nathaniel chase.

  8. I missed seeing you in these videos, Ava. So glad you are back. Mads, you look way more smiling in the last clip than in other parts of the video, so I guess you have been understandably missing Ava 🤣.

  9. Really love the channel and been following for years. I have a suggestion for an additional t-shirt design with glorious sanding add “man glitter”. Just made us laugh.

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