Cumpărător de paie pentru un iaht rusesc licitat?  |  SY News Ep121
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#superyacht #superyachts #yachts #boats Cumpărătorul iahtului rusesc licitat poate fi un cumpărător de paie | SY News Ep121 Yacht-uri se reînregistrează în diferite state de pavilion Pacific X Schimbarea steagului Axioma Buyer Report Abonați-vă acum! Urmărește-mă pe: Instagram – Twitter – Facebook – NOTIFICARE DE PRESĂ Toate imaginile sunt drepturi de autor al canalului de Youtube eSysman Superyachts. Nicio imagine nu poate fi reprodusă sau reutilizată fără permisiunea expresă. Dacă utilizați orice informație din acest videoclip, vă rugăm să creditați canalul eSysman SuperYachts. Dacă doriți să utilizați fotografii preluate din videoclip, contactați-ne în avans. Trebuie acordat și creditul canalului de youtube. Dacă doriți fotografii sau videoclipuri pentru utilizare sau sindicare, vă rugăm să ne contactați. Muzică de – Epidemic Sounds


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  1. Very strange, Dunya yachts have in build a support vessel to Axioma, called MY Bro, 40 metre, and also I found on the internet that pumpyansky has a 100 m on order with Dunya,
    Why would Dunya or pumpyansky pay over 40 million for a boat they could have had for the cost of the loan just 20 million by not sailing into Gibraltar,
    All very odd

  2. Extremely interesting but, in fact, entirely predictable. Your precise information on the physical movements of the yacht was not predictable, and I find that very interesting as I have no eye-in-the-sky, so to speak. I follow you because you are very reliable, well informed, and never seek to impress with flawed information, unlike so many others who play, 'Let's pretend'. just for clicks I suppose. Thank you.

  3. Yup, the buyer that specd the Yacht end to end and waited years to get it would likely very much want to buy back that very same vessel at pennies on the dollar. And he owes the maintenance costs already anyway (at least not as an unexpected charge) so that part is really just a nuisance.

    I would vet the buyer for ANY ties to Russia or Russian elite, and keep a very close watch on his future spending if nothing is found. I have little doubt that there are people out there with the funds to buy this vessel with the sole purpose of making a profit, or doing a favor, to the original Russian owner that was sanctioned, and consequently removed from.

  4. It will end up in a ball of flame & sinking in the Black Sea, just another super yacht scuttled so the insurance companies end up screaming for Neptune’s help again

  5. Check all the yachts secret compartments for gold bars first before it’s sold. Putin will write a new law allowing tax breaks for this kind of transaction and nobody will care in Russia, because it will only effect Putin’s cronies.

  6. If you had told me 6 months ago that I would enjoy this content I would have burst out laughing. Boy, was I wrong. Great stuff, even though much if it is well above my pay grade. Well done.

  7. The figures for the sale of Axioma sound too high bearing in mind that 10 year survey.
    It will also require repairs.a hull paint, and it's been chartered since it's last refit in 2017, so will need yet more money spent probably another 5 million
    That brings it up to nearly 50 million, that's about it's market price, for an ex russian boats sounds too much.
    Why would russians be buying yachts at this time, when most of the glamorous places are off limits, due to sanctions, there must be more to this story, ????????

  8. Hi there , have you got any information about the two Baltic yachts big sailing boats "PATH" ownership? I mean the "old" one is moored in Palma de Mallorca since 1+year AIS off since more than 8+ months , Fraser yachts asked 8.5mil.€ but the boat still seems to be moored at the same place ais off , and the very new one launched in Finland a few months ago is in Turkey since then after a very short seatrial session AIS off since 45+days . It's not only curiosity.. thanks .

  9. I suppose it's not inconceivable that the turkish are proxies for the original russian owner but he doesn't get a discount that way, 44 million is serious money and it seems needlessly hasty to buy a boat that might be seized again which would be funny. Even if the money means nothing, why…

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