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Designed for cruising programs, the #AMEL64 nevertheless shows remarkable performance and exemplary seaworthiness.


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  1. Saw a report this SV L’estran was significantly damaged in Panama when a storm caused the yacht to fall off the cradle. Report was it’s been repaired and cruising again.

  2. Oh boy maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. The Super Maramu was the real deal für circumnavigate the earth. Dont get me wrong I like the new Amels but I always would prefer the Super Maramu for passage.

  3. lovely boat but the bathing ladder really needs to be one designed around falling into the boat rather than letting go and falling back into the water… might sound silly but we all though an iPad was silly until we got one.

  4. Lose the music and add explanatory narration. And lose girls with bikinis unless they know something about sailing. If you have to add gratuitous girls have them take off their bikinis. ANNOYING.

  5. Marvelous Vessel. Made by people who probably gave some real thought on how to make a liveaboard circumnavigating sailboat. 70 % of all other boats are nice weather boats but for those who have crossed the oceans they will certainly appreciate the retractable roof, the dingy garage, ketch, …. Might be a bit too expensive for Brian to replace his supermaru but they would definetely fit on this one lol

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