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We tend to stay calm and collected when it comes to tricky situations. We believe that IS the only safe way to get things done, on …


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  1. Awww man, we need more music, louder, more dramatic, the video, it's not yet fully spoiled, add more orchestra. There is nothing worse that overwriting the most perfect sounds of nature than with a stupid music track. You done good boy, but not very good.

  2. im curious when your boat is running on automatic and your downstairs in the cabin , how do you know if you might run into another boat ? If anyone could answer that would be great.

  3. This part of the ocean is especially intriguing to me. It’s so grey, and so close to the North Pole. Seems so mystical. If there was any part of the ocean where you’d see some mythical sea creature like a siren or kraken, I think it would be here.

    Same with the ocean right under South Africa. Crazy to think that if you kept going you’d reach Antarctica

  4. Yes your boat is not very big and waves can be a real problem. I fought 16ft waves in 100 ft crew boat. it was rough but fairly safe. I remember how high they looked and I just kept the bow moving into those waves. We rode them out all night unrmtill we got the crew off the rig and returned to dock. I kinda miss those days. Working on boat was the best thing I ever did.. Well the most fun any way.

  5. I rewatched this video cause recently I ve been sailing several hours in 30 knots of Wind …but we were sailing upwind… And yes… A video never gives the idea of what It Is when you re in such an evironment with such a weather and yes… Being calm Is the only valid option and yes …Poseidon trains sailors to keep calm and look forward. Lots of yes.😅 Fair Wind guys!⛵

  6. This reminds me of when I was determined to use my kayak on my birthday. Storm came in and after as much of an argument I had to do what I want, I was not going to chicken out. Next thing I know I'm rowing around in 4' chop on lake Pontchartrain.

  7. Man I know what you mean "not a fan of those waves"! We use to live in Tampa and we went out in our boat and got caught in two storms hitting each other where we were. Within seconds those waves became HUGE! Scared 😱 the
    sh!t out of me. I didn't think we would make it back. My hats off to you two and Una.

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