Inside Rafael Nadal's Yacht! I Got an Exclusive Tour in Monaco | Nico Rosberg
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If you had the chance to go on an eco Yacht with an athlete – who would you pick and where would you go? I think I had quite a …


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  1. Nico seems like a snob lol he constantly tries to make the conversation about himself then showing off watches when clearly Rafa didn’t care at all to talk about that. “Hey look at my Rolex, quite nice no?” Like who talks like that 😂😂🤮

  2. I like how Rafa was hesitant and seemed uncomfortable to talk about the price of his watch, but the host wanted to let everyone know the cost/style of his own Rolex.

    That's Rafa

  3. How dumb were people with the elbow bumps back about a year ago or so. You’re in the same area breathing in each other the whole time, but are scared to shake hands. So stupid

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  5. One thing a ship of this size will never be is eco-friendly it isnt even a sailship for crying out loud. Stop being pretencious and call a spade a spade. This is luxury-friendly and we all need some that in our lives.

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