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This lovely looking custom-build Noordkaper 43 just arrived in the Caribbean after sailing across the Atlantic with the ARC+ …


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  1. I want. Love the "wheelhouse", though I'm wondering if it too is steel. All that glass should be wave-proof too.
    Not looking forward to maintaining all that teak, though. Besides the fact that we should be moving away from tropical hardwoods.

  2. What a thoroughly likeable man, with his head screwed on straight. This was extremely well thought out, and Martin clearly had the knowledge to see that his vision was executed to a high standard. I think there is a message here about integrity borne of knowledge that all sailors can learn from.. no matter how modest our budgets.

  3. A wonderful yacht, I particularly like the spec cleats, cutter rig, SS bulwarks. Personally I prefer Ferro cement for many reasons. I wonder how heavy that carbon spinnaker pole is?
    My name is also Martin! Living in Australia with German heritage.
    What a wonderful yacht.
    The long keel dagger board arrangement is a magic idea. I would be interested to see how it is designed.

  4. A lot of attention to detail. Like the high bulwarks and the bitts on the foredeck – far better than smaller, cheaper cleats. Didn't see a few other things I'd have liked to see – food storage/refrigeration, water maker (is there one?), tank capacity for example – but overall very impressed. Not a huge fan of in-mast furling, but I'm guessing that could be changed at buyer's option. That wheelhouse is terrific for cruising in foul weather, or even on an exceptionally hot day. At 22 tons/43 feet she'll never finish much better than 42nd, but who cares when that kind of sturdy construction keeps you safe and comfortable on passage? Hat's off to the owners and the designers and builders.

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