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Este ACEASTA BARCA sau NIMIC pentru noi? Cu noile PROBLEME DE BUGET, ne aflăm la o RUCSE și, de asemenea, la un NOU…


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  1. We looked at this cat in December 21. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with this boat that we never got to the bottom of but the surveyor said we shouldn't even sail out of the harbour with it. Two different engines – why ? The smell! The soft flooring – why ? We wouldn't touch it. Sorry – don't want to crush your dreams

  2. That's a beautiful vessel with not a lot of massive work to do…. The wood can be sanded stained an sealed .. boom done . The flooring again easy peasy lemon squeezy….!! I love it for your family….

  3. Interesting boat. Apparently it is designed to power cruise at around 7 kn on ONE engine at a time! Also, most new Deans were delivered on their own bottoms (7000mile +), so you can be sure it’s a solid ocean crossing design. Like the layout with 2 large cabins, and looks like you can use the cockpit area as an extension to the main salon area for extra room and comfort, even in bad weather. Looks like a potential winner!

  4. Don’t know much about cats but I own an older boat from 1983 and I would never change if for a modern one. The build quality and repairability is way better and easier, cheaper too. Let’s not talk about the charm. 😉.

  5. 🤔 I'm having a hard time reconciling a $100K decrease in budget with making up the difference by repainting, varnishing and some toilet repairs. I know you widened your age criteria as well but my expectation is more serious repairs and upgrades will be required to match the new budget. For example, the Dean apparently has a Yanmar replacement engine suggesting the other engine may be due for replacement. Some sailors buying used sailboats end up replacing through holes, ball cocks and lots of lines. Are you willing to go beyond refinishing and toilets to make up that $100K?

    Keep up the great videos and above all STAY SAFE! ⛵❤️😁

  6. Check Sailing Into Freedom, The Wormwood 55. These cats are super fast. When you look down from the escape hatches you see the propellers because the sail drives set 45degrees to the inboard. They have daggar boards. They are over 59 feet length. Andy-boy got it for a steal. The forward bulhead had to be beefed up. Andy said catamarans walk while under way, and this twisting motion is in all cats. This causes the front windows to leak on both sides. This is why the front bulkhead had to be beefed. The steering is tiller hotstick, but when you are under way people use autopilot usualy. There are many of these boats in the world. Th mast higth is 81 feet. Avalon is the name of his vessel. Chain locker, engine, water tanks, and fuel are midship. No hobby horse.

  7. My personal opinion is that life is better with less or no debt, if at all possible, so I'm glad that you guys are rethinking such a large loan. I also think you're making a good decision in looking at older boats. It's not clear why you must leave Cecilia sooner rather than later, but you must have your reasons. Wishing you the best in your continued search!

  8. 1. Do up an RV, Sell your boat and build a Mumby Catamaran/ or have one built. Size depends on budget.
    2. Stay on your boat while the Mumby is built slowly over a year or two.
    Option one would be the better of the two.

  9. Hay guys if you're looking for a good boat we have our 53ft Norman Cross Trimaran on the market asking $400,000 but if we don't have to do the few fixes on her we are willing to take $350,000.
    It's only because the captain is having back issues and bending is now a big problem, he used to race multi hulls in his younger years and this trimaran has been his dream boat forever but is now struggling to sail her himself, I can only do so much not knowing as much as him.
    Epic is a big sturdy boat with 4 King Births, two in the Arft Cabin where our two children live with their own lounge area, tv and chart table as well as wet toilet/shower. The other two king births are in main area between the main lounge and outriggers which you can access from the births all with 7ft head room. We are located in Australia, Redland Bay, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
    Any interest can be contacted
    Cheers guys, good luck 🍀

  10. I agree that hatches will allow for more airflow when opening aft. But there's a good reason for installing them with the hinge forward. Watertightness. The sealing will not keep as tight when green water often flushes around the hatch and the hinges being aft.

  11. You must be just about tied of looking by now. It’s becoming painful to watch. 😢
    $180K whoa, if you don’t buy it I will. Yeah-Nah I’m not cashed up. I hear your prose and con’s. Nevertheless this is all I would be spending on a ocean going Catamaran and how does it sail though? Old Dean 441 has had a history in its 15 years. She’s maybe a family of five or something.🤔I like all the polished timber (varnished).
    Ah, he’s found a sound booth. 😉 Maybe a good stop gap measure because the price of everything will come down. Significant events shall unfold, you can bet your bottom dollar on it. That may not be the best expression given the circumstances.😂
    This Cat looks like you guys!
    I like it the best so far, it’s all thumbs up 👍 Loren is way fussy 😊🇦🇺You said from the get go she’d need some work and ready to go at the same time. So far it’s ✅ ticked all the boxes.

  12. All I can Say Good Luck enjoy your Dream of Sailing, for that Price you could have Brought a 65’ Monohull sailboat ⛵ and have the same Room One Engine, in Great Shape, and you don’t have to Buy parts for Two different Engines. So enjoy your Use Cat and learn a new way of Sailing.

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