Întrebări și răspunsuri Yacht Chef - răspunsul la întrebările dvs.!  ft @ulei de măsline și benzină
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In cele din urma! Un videoclip de întrebări și răspunsuri a bucătarului de iaht! Mulțumim lui Kamikoto pentru sponsorizarea acestui videoclip! Obțineți o reducere de 50 USD la orice achiziție cu codul CrewChef.


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  1. Regarding the Thermomix…. 
    It's all about the TM31. Forget the TM5, TM6…. I feel as a PREP machine in any kitchen, the TM31 is still king. No stupid screens, no stupid locks…. no stupid USB sticks. The damn thing just works. 12 years with mine and still hasn't needed a service bar changing the lid seal. Get two. $400-500 for barely used ones nowadays in Australia. SOOO DAMN GOOD!!

  2. Interestingly enough I have heard that the newer regulations bar non-health trained/non-food handlers from the Galley. Maybe that depends on where the boat is flagged? Or only affects boats big enough to be commercial class?

    (ironically enough it was Nauti's tour of the new Bering flagship where they mentioned that)

  3. Bravo to you two! You are a blast and have great chemistry in your profession! A true pleasure to view and listen to and learn from. From an old Commercial Fish Boat (and Restaurant) Cook in Alaska/Washington.

  4. Which dish that you tasted changed your position on a cuisine you previously didn't love? Same question but for something you made for a client that was able to change their mind. We need a Top Chef type battle between crews.

  5. I love both of you guys channels! Your slightly negative attitude toward veganism makes me laugh/smile… It makes you look so old…. fashioned! The future is plantbased baby! For the health of the planet, climate, animals and humans! Lots of love💚

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