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The Oyster 495, the British brand’s smallest model, is a modern bluewater cruiser which shows big things can come in (slightly) …


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  1. Once again, Toby and team did it! I watch a lot of boat reviews, but Toby and Yachting World remain the gold standard, far above the rest. Detail orientated with the actual use in mind, and the wealth of experience of Toby just shows. Brilliant. Ah yes, the boat is amazing too. Now back to saving money …

  2. Beautiful boat, and nice review. I really appreciate Toby's expertise in the sailing market, which really shows in these videos, unlike some other boat review/tour channels out there…

  3. I don't know what was more pleasurable, the wonderful in-depth vlog-like video, or watching this beautiful yacht under sail at 9knots. Well done Toby and Yachting World on an absolute banger of a film. Please produce more videos like this in the future! Cheers

  4. Excellent review of a great sailboat that can take one anywhere in the world! I would love to sail this to judge for myself, price may keep me from pulling the trigger on buying a 495. Thanks

  5. The newer breed of cruising production boats does add some thoughtful features, but as a 60 year old lifetime sailor, the aesthetic looks ungainly and awkward to me. Fat hulls with high freeboard makes for poor lighter wind performance and a bouncy slam-ridden ride at sea. The helm stations seem very exposed for passagemaking, perhaps there is an enclosure option. The transom steps are so narrow and the steep angle makes for challenging boarding and disembarking, inexcusable for a boat this size and price. Why is the cockpit table so friggin wide? That will make movement fore and aft on the boat whilst heeling and pitching in a seaway a major pain.
    I have not been aboard this boat- but I have been aboard many Oysters at boat shows through the years. Everyone Oyster without fail for me was an ergonomic nightmare. Every space was so cramped and filled with too much so that I would bump my sides, elbows, knees, and head just about every time I tried to move, and that was sitting flat and tied to a pier. Granted I'm 6foot5, but I'm fit and a lifelong sailor for 60 years and generally do not have the same degree of ergonomic issues with many other boats. Weird angles, corners, cramped fore and aft transitways, multiple steps to cross such as the up and down in the cockpit and cabin sole make life miserable when heeled and bouncing in a seaway.
    Not my style, but to each his own.

  6. Toby, great review of a fantastic boat. Reviews like this can never be too long! Just one question though, if the winches etc are hydraulic, does this mean that the engine is always running?

  7. When opening all those lockers was half expecting Toby to come across some Reg Grundies (Undies). Lovely boat though, nice to hear that it has many orders already. I'm sure you enjoyed your time onboard, but I enjoyed the length of time you got to spend onboard too so could find some of the, don't want to say faults, but little things that you wouldn't necessarily find on a quick sail around the harbor. Cheers.

  8. Nice review and overall a very beautiful boat!
    A little noisy when the engine is running, I believe it should have a better sound isolation….just wondering the price..thanks!

  9. You say blue water, I say perfect great laker. I live in Canada and this craft would be such a perfect ride for the Great Lakes. One of your best videos Toby.

  10. would have been nice if you would have filmed controlling the sails instead of just talking about it.
    would like to have seen you ease the jib and how nicely it furls. nonetheless, remarkable yacht

  11. Wonderful boat and video. I wonder how many of these will be sold with old battery tech. I would guess in this day and age, and younger clientele in mind, they would have lithium-ion as standard battery. Also, do the yard offer integrated (well designed) solar panel solutions? So clients don't have to jerry rig something uglier after delivery.

  12. I do not follow the excitement here. I saw nothing spectacular on this model and (sorry to say) the oak interior looks like a cheap charter veneer. The headboard designs are tasteful..? I felt it was stolen from some 80ies strip joint. The bunks look narrow although I grant that this may be owed to the lens, it is difficult to record in tight spaces and achieve realistic perspectives. The galley seems very functional, expected in this size boat but I dislike the conventional life lines on deck, Amel gives you solid stainless. And this brings me to my big peeve: with a base of (almost) 1.5 million Euros (1.25 pound sterling according to the review). One gets a base Amel 50 for half that price at 720.000 E. I do not know what the Oyster base boat offers but Amel is known to be pretty well equipped without checking every box on the options list. I certainly doubt you could possibly reach the Oyster test boat price of (almost 1.9 million E (1.6 pound sterling).
    Admittedly this may be a matter of national pride (btw. I am not French) or simply the target audience who lives by the mantra what the heck is another Million, right?

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