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Watch our unique footage of sailing the 1934-built J Class Endeavour. Yachting World’s Toby Hodges had the chance to sail her …


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  1. Despite the controversial(?) history of "Endeavour", I remember being enthralled reading the account in an edition of "BOAT INTERNATIONAL" of her restoration at the "Royal Huisman"(?) yard in Holland, by American business woman and yacht enthusiast Elisabeth Meyer. It was wonderfully ironic that it should be an American, who had rescued and restored this magnificent yacht from ignomy, which had for many decades been the closest threat the U.S. had faced to it's long standing hold on "The America's Cup".
    Apparently from what I remember, below decks at the time, "Endeavour" was little more than a cavernous
    empty space and it was Ms. Meyer in conjunction with the yard who created the sumptuous yet appropriate 1930's yacht style interior. Salutations to Ms. Meyer for her foresight and dedication in restoring a true classic from yachting history…

  2. To me, still the best example of the most beautiful class of racing yacht ever built, Endeavour ll is simple supreme. I recall reading, some years ago that in her 1934 challenge for the "America's Cup" she was taking the lead convincingly and had won the first race, or was it the first two races..? Anyhow apparently
    actually during a crucial match in which the challenger "Endeavour" was substantially leading the American defender "Ranger", the New York Yacht Club unwilling to reliquish the unbroken hold on the "Old Jug", changed the rules in mid race in favour of their defender. When Sir Tom Sopwith, the owner of
    "Endeavour" heard the news, he retired below decks utterly dejected an was not seen again during the race. He knes that he had a better, faster boat with an outstanding crew, but it was not enoughto defeat the duplicitous machinations of the New York Yacht Club…!!

  3. We all owe Meyers a dept of gratitude for finding buying and getting her restored and the story goes she visited Sir TOM SOPWITH the designer and past owner in a nursing home he was blind and 90 years old and advised her to dump the drop centerboard that allways leaked anyways he even told her he liked this boat better than her sisters after her when the boat was raised out of the mud and moved to I think Holland she told him and a week or 2 later he passed away knowing she saved his Endeviour great story I read in Sail magazine the mast was soo massive she was inside of it for a photo shoot 👍

  4. When I was a kid in the 50's this boat was in a mud berth in the Hamble river, we used to pass it in my dad's yacht and it always fascinated me. So glad to see her back on form!

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