Defalcat pe oceanul deschis: Navigarea Honduras către Mexic - Episodul 81
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Te-ai întrebat vreodată cum este să petreci mai multe zile pe ocean? Ei bine, uneori este doar haos – bine și rău! Navigarea este ca un roller coaster. Avem cel mai mare dintre maxime și cel mai scăzut dintre minime. Acest videoclip vă duce cu trecerea noastră de peste 300 de mile din Honduras în Mexic. Doriți să ajutați la susținerea producțiilor noastre video? Alăturați-vă echipajului nostru One Life aici: Ți-a plăcut acest videoclip? Cumpără-ne o băutură aici: Am fost recent invitați la podcastul Ocean Cruisers, verifică-l aici: Am colaborat cu Epic Water Filters . Împreună ne putem ajuta să ne protejăm oceanele și fauna sălbatică, câte un filtru de apă! Pentru a-ți lua propriul echipament Epic Water Filter, mergi la: **Asigură-te că folosești codul promoțional EPICONELIFE în timpul comenzii pentru a primi 20% reducere la comanda ta. One Life Merchandise: Pentru mai multe aventuri Sailing One Life și actualizări curente, urmăriți-ne pe: Facebook – Instagram – Website –


44 de comentarii la „Defalcat pe oceanul deschis: Navigarea Honduras către Mexic – Episodul 81

  1. WOW, what a trip. Hope you have been able to get the "to-do" list or as we call it here on land "honey-do" list taken care of. It's always something as Rosanna Rosanna used to say! Good seeing you both, Gary looks good clean shaven!! See you soon. Ed

  2. Love watching your videos with my wife. We are using your videos in or planning for a very similar voyage we will be undertaking this coming year. Our boat is currently in Spain we will be crossing this December and headed to Panama. What time of year did you guys head north from Panama? Thank you for the videos they are fantastic and are quite useful to us.

  3. Im starting to like you guys the best? I follow 20 sailboats. Getting tired of those Australia guys accents. I always thought I would live on a sailboat growing up in Coco Solo Panama near Shelter Bay but got lost in the mountains of Colorado

  4. Nice to see a sailer a good quality reel. All the sailers I watch have a 300,000$ boat…and then use a penn senator 😂. I personally run Internationals but most of my friends love the Tiagra. Loudest clicker on the market for sure 👍

  5. Awesome catch! Love this video. That flamingo shirt is f-ing awesome. So many moving parts on a boat and with some age on them, I am sure you knew you had some things coming. I am confident you can tackle this one day at a time, as you said. Thanks for putting this out. Sending another beer or two your way.

  6. i don't know the size of your Fuel Tank but i think you ran it way too low, 1 all the slooshing around and you sucked up air/ debris from the bottom of it..and diesel does not like air in the fuel.
    Pick up tube might be blocked should be an easy fix.
    Keep the fuel above 1/4 tank or higher to prevent this from happening..glad you guys fixed it! scary!

  7. Absolute beast of a mahi. Awesome job working together to bring it in. Those big fish take team work while under sail and it take a couple of times to get it down pat. I do it on a VERY small sailing kayak, Hobie Tandem Island, and it's still a challenge. Big vessel like yours and dang, you had better be on your game. lol.

  8. Your fuel starvation issue could very well be from sediment accumulating in the supply line from the tank. I have seen that in instances where the crappy fuel at the bottom just clogs the Racor and the secondary quickly. I wonder if you have a vacuum gauge on that Racor 500. It sounds like a Yanmar in there. A 3GM30?
    Great bull dolphin (mahi) by the way.

  9. Nice fish! 35-40lb? Excellent sashimi! My boy got a 70lb and I got a 50. So much fun!
    Fishing the troll I set my drag to 1/3 the line smallest test you have. Up to maybe 20lbs at strike. Those reels can retrieve the fish!

  10. So, was the conclusion that running the gas too low picked up trash in the tank and fouled the gas line & filter? I've experienced that in cars before. It's interesting to think about what is different about sailing when it becomes fully old school… no engine, just sails, no one to help… and what that means for providing basics like water, food, etc. Totally makes us respect even more the great sailors of the past like Drake, Cook, etc.

  11. GR8 VID for a couple of reasons:

    1) sex ~ head-turning pink bikini
    2) action ~ catching big mahimahi
    3) drama ~ dead-in-the-water-no-fuel issue
    4) familiar ~ SV Delos passing by
    5) relief ~ reaching port safely after drama

    Time to celebrate with TACOS !!!

    I happened to see the scene on the SV Delos channel and their footage talking to you on the radio about the fuel issues. It was cool seeing the different footage of the same event on both channels.

    I'm not sure how your channel popped up on my YouTube feed, but I'm thankful. I subscribed & clicked notifications so I can follow you guys, but I wonder if you will be around if you don't fix the torn sails, the transmission seal leak, the engine fuel issue, etc. I hope you do after you ate those tacos so you'll be around and we all can follow your adventure,

    PS .. more pink bikini .. LOL !!!

  12. Simply an amazing vlog. I love it all. I loved how you stayed calm during that first night of passage. The lightning must have been very scary. What do you guys do during day time? how do you alternate shifts during day time? or if this is something you just do during nighttime? thank you and all the very best with your passage

  13. in order to check in, to enter territorial waters in order to anchor, do you have to have a passport? I ask because during covid, the US passport office was closed and if it happens again..

  14. 5 microns??? That clogs too easy. I used to carry 30 microns to use if the bacteria in the tank got all shook up. Hard to get rid of all the bacteria in the bottom of the tank.Got to running from a hurricane one time,sure was glad I has some filters with larger microns.Perkins108 was Ok with 30 microns.

  15. If i was going to motor as much as you seem to be doing wouldn't rely on the yanmar stuff , i would put a fuel/water seperator and a big fuel filter from a semi truck on it , that stock stuff is small,sucks,an costs alot , sry just the two cents , Godspeed anyway 🙂

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