In sfarsit o lucrare in interiorul DUS |  O MULTE LUCRARE LA BARCĂ episodul 5
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  1. Change as many of the engines hoses as possible from rubber to silicon. Will outlast the rubber hoses, not affected by heat like rubber is and they come in assorted colours including Blue.

  2. Good to see you taking on all these projects never hurts for a captain to be a mechanic as well saves $$$ time etc I'm currently giving my dinghies old outboard a full service (don't like being stranded it's happened) keep up the guitar Bella I play to 🎸🤙

  3. Ideas? He has lots of ideas, and I love that blue color. I’m going to get some of that. On hose clips there is a guy who has done a thorough review on hose clips with a range of load tests, fast paced and very informative. Look to Swagelock for better hoses for some uses around the boat. Doing head repairs requires the most extreme yacht yoga, though it is the most rewarding as showers and toilets you use many times a day. Tip: I left the original Lavac pump in the toilet line when I converted to Dometic electric toilets. The advantage is that you can use the hand pump to drain the toilet bowl and fill the line to the through hul with air to prevent salt build up, while also giving a backup pump out toilet if the electric side fails. Works well. I love my electric toilets, but I am up for new ideas for the shower drain. The other shower improvement (I have 2 wet heads) is I have a fan heater running off the hydronic system in each head to dry the heads out after use. This works great to keep the heads mostly dry (no wet walls). I run the hydronic for an hour to reheat the water after 2 showers and operate the fans while the water is reheating. At present I am making up the solar thermal panels to go behind my solar PV Panels to charge my hot water system from solar energy via the hydronic circulation system to reduce fuel consumption (showering during the day is advised with this). Keep up the great work, you are awesome.

  4. It depends on what ya did in the old Landlife days….but your patience with the jobs lists is inspiring, I know only the good bits wind up in Episode….but Lee's patience seems to be beyond reproach….love to be in San D and give ya a helping hand but just recently moved from California to Kentucky and am refitting a 94 Fleetwood Motorhome…job after job…you are doing great and you you have great help…good on ya!

  5. … Bella was waiting for the PUNCH line ….. hope the reduction in pipe size after the sensor is not a place for the hair and whatnot to accumulate … exciting that things are coming together …. love the realizing that the old that had worked for years with nothing to compare to worked just fine, but the appreciation of the new and improved are eye opening ….. as always .. thx for sharing .. never stop dreaming, just dream bigger .. have fun be safe, save our oceans ….

  6. fyi. I wouldn't use Kirkland bath tissue. I have a septic at my home and the man who services it told me it's the worst tissue to use because it doesn't brake down. and as a boat owner myself there is nothing more frustrating and gross then fixing a head. for our home we now use Charmin cause it brakes down. you can actually do the test yourself with different types of tissue to see the results yourself. for the bost we use a marine grade that we get on amazon. that would actually be a good video get a few different types of bath tissue and test them all.

  7. I've been using one of those pumps for about 5 years. They are really good, just don't let them get wet as the pcb in the end is not protected. Also very occasionally they get grease in the sump and they switch of for no reason… The solution is to have a hot soapy shower 🙂

  8. Eventually Bella will be building a boat…🤫😀😊

    Everyone of you all

    are super smart

    It is so helpful to not have to get up off the floor every time you need one single tool

    My ultimate dream is to travel the world in a solar powered sailboat…
    Thank you for sharing your lives

  9. i was always told that aluminium should not be painted. it needed to breath(?).
    @5:46 oh dear bella, never pass a pointy or sharp thingy to a person, they/you might hurt them(selves) 🙁 pass them the handle side first. or they might punch you 🙁

  10. Great job Captain and Bella – ! Bet you're loving the lower cost of quality tools and stainless bits and pieces over there!

    PS: did you end up selling or scuttling Catalpa?

  11. dads sweet little gofer so long as he keeps her fed and watered with the occasional treats…he should be ok ..remind him what happened to men from the Victorian era when their wives wanted a divorce…it's surprising how far a teaspoon of arsenic..' in his jam butty " …goes …

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