Ne pregătim să trăim OFF GRID folosind solar și vânt pentru a face ELECTRICITATE!! [S3-E1]

Ne pregătim să trăim OFF GRID folosind solar și vânt pentru a face ELECTRICITATE!!  [S3-E1]

Bun venit la episodul 93 din Sailing Melody. Sezonul 3 Episodul 1 Se apropie iarna și trebuie să ne punem sistemele electrice în stare bună de funcționare, astfel încât să putem economisi la factura de electricitate și să continuăm să lucrăm peste iarnă. În acest episod instalăm un panou solar, ne re-configuram bateriile, montam un generator eolian Rutland și o mulțime de presetupe uimitoare de la SCANSTRUT. Dacă doriți să ne oferiți un cadou de nuntă pentru solar și litiu, configurați vă rugăm să faceți clic pe acest link: Pentru glandele geniale SCANSTRUT faceți clic pe acest link: https://www. Aceasta este o reparație uriașă și o renovare a acestui iaht mare, vechi și abandonat din oțel și nu este doar consumator de timp, este complicat și destul de costisitor, așa că prețuim cu adevărat orice ajutor pe care îl putem obține, fie că este vorba de sfaturi utile și comentarii. pe videoclip sau cadouri prin Lista noastră de dorințe Amazon sau contribuții reale prin Patreon, Paypal și Ko-Fi. Vrem să le mulțumim HUUUUUUUGE tuturor celor care au contribuit în orice fel și iată link-urile dacă doriți să ne ajutați cu totul în această călătorie uimitoare. MARFĂ! Obțineți tricourile și cănile dvs. IMPRESIONATE Sailing Melody urmând acest link Link-urile noastre Sprijină-ne pe Patreon : Verificați-ne pe Instagram : Vino să ne vorbești pe facebook : Sau fă o contribuție o singură dată prin PayPal sau Ko-Fi folosind aceste linkuri https: // Consultați lista noastră de dorințe pe site-ul web PRO MARINE STORE Card cadou -card-cadou Lista de dorințe Weldgas Cymru – De unde obținem gazul de sudură și bucățile de torță http://www.weldgas Avem și o listă de dorințe Amazon. Echipamentul nostru Sony a6400 Feiyutech a1000 gimbal GoPro 7 Hero GoPro 3 Hero Rode Studiomic pro Rode Studiomic mini


29 thoughts on “Ne pregătim să trăim OFF GRID folosind solar și vânt pentru a face ELECTRICITATE!! [S3-E1]

  1. Hello from Ontario Canada.
    “We are not a how to channel, we’re a what happened channel”
    This is your best and most accurate quote yet!
    Love what you’re doing and I look forward to episodes, we’ve been missing young Jack and hope to see him back soon 🙂
    I have to admit, that battery setup with mixed batteries scares the bejesus out of me.

  2. Don't use the bulgerexcept as a weight to hold a corner of a tarp or something down! Don't look now, but, there a cheeky bugga in a pink shirt, who might be permanently borrowing something. 😉 Nice job Andy, lookin at those black clip thingys [can't find what or where you called'm by name] for my solar on the roof of my van! ✋[hi 5] m8s. Nice goin, stay vertical Eh!

  3. I have a steel boat and tried to fit a Scan Strut gland for a GPS sensor I added, I sheared off a couple of the self tapping screws trying to fit it so I think your drill and tap idea is great, I have started fitting a few things by drilling and tapping now as most of the boat is steel.

  4. All those cable connections was a lot of work. Well done. When I got to the 37:10 minute mark of this video where it shows the installed solar panel on the roof, it appears that it may not be square with the front edge of the roof overhang. Could be just an illusion because of the camera angle, but the front right corner seems definitely closer to the edge than the left corner. Sorry to be so nit-picky. Looking forward to seeing some video of your upcoming wedding. Have a great time!!!!!!

  5. Congratulations both of you on your wedding day , just binge watched the whole of episode 2 .. amazing progress with such can do attitude. Jack is just awesome, cant wait for more of season 3

  6. Love what your doing and looks like your the smart one getting the outside painted and looking good before working on the inside , I've seen so many do the opposite and regret later. Your idea of having the ability to use lithium battery packs for backup lighting is a great idea at the low price and long life of these cells.

  7. When you upgrade your batteries install busbars for negative and positive. So each battery pulls only a part of the load. Daisy chaining is bad as all amps go through each battery. This is more efficient and batteries will last longer. If you switch to lifepo4 batteries you will need to install a lithium alternator to charge lifepo4 batteries. Inverter should also be changed.

  8. Cool video! The Nasa monitor is good and accurate. I assume that you might need to reconsider the model from BM-1 to BM-2. 1 is up 50A and 2 is bigger up to 300A. In case the generator is 125A and you have shore power on this little shunt might not like it. As well invertors above 1500W easily can draw 50-80A.

  9. Andy. Be sure to always use Tef-Gel On dissimilar metals, like SS fasteners Into steel??? You did not mention that. Very very important, Mr.and Mrs. Turner!!!! Give me a call sometime!!!

  10. That book was never on Long Island New York was it it was 30 years ago and he said he was going to be sailing in about 5 years that makes it 25 years ago and so if something happened and it ended up somewhere and got towed up and been sitting there for 17 years I don't know where to go to find out if anybody responded I don't know what you guys this whole story is so sorry for any stupid talk I've got is there any info you can direct me to of the history of that boat that you know of

  11. Gday Crew,,,
    Soon be out there.
    Firstly ,,
    a good quality areial base ,,,,
    Then ,, mount as high as possible up mast ,,, easy to put a few base plates…
    There are some very good solid, stainless steel 3/4 wave or 5/8 wave
    arials for SSB/AM,
    Set ups ,,,,
    To get MAX POWER the standing wave ratio (SWR) is paramount .

    You'll get it …


  12. The boat is looking pretty damn
    good guys…well done. And congratulations 🥳 i glimpsed capt Q s tribute to Jack but havent had chance to watch it.
    Had to move and TT wont transfer my land line or internet.
    …🤷🏻‍♂️ They want me to end my 15yr contract with them and offer me less.

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