Condamnat pentru o crimă pe care nu am comis-o | Pasul 320

Condamnat pentru o crimă pe care nu am comis-o |  Pasul 320

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41 thoughts on “Condamnat pentru o crimă pe care nu am comis-o | Pasul 320

  1. Kika and Dan, can you tell me how you registered and insured Uma in Canada? I am facing a similar challenge. I bought an old boat in Norway, recently sailed it to Porto and had to leave her there for the winter. I need to sort out the registration/insurance before next season. I am a Canadian living in Vancouver.

  2. To me it sounds like what they are saying is your police record precludes your entry to Portugal. You clearly don't have identical police records. What is there in your police record/background check that is troubling them so much? Murder, smuggling, stealing other ladies husbands, or supporting the certifiably insane Donald Trump? 3 out of 4 of those are serious crimes! Unlike other issues you've had elsewhere, this really doesn't appear to a passport issue nearly as much as it's a police record issue which they should more easily be able to resolve. If they can't tell you your crime, time, place, and conviction date, they can't possibly hold it against you.

  3. Visa/Passports was a system adopted from German/Russian systems to control their population. Why we adopted their systems was a mistake.
    I believe in free & open borders for everyone for any reason.

  4. The goal is to become a non-third-world citizen Haiti is undoubtedly on most country' terrorist lists. (you are guilty by association so to speak .) You probably aren't going to change that. I think marriage to a Canadian will be an asset. To many countries, Haiti is considered dangerous, i.e., terrorists. You are probably not going to change that. Suggest you choose a country to apply for citizenship (naturalized). Do the things, that require time to become a legal resident, for example. Obtain a school or work permit, toward legal residency. Yes, it will mean sacrifices in your lifestyle. The object is to "get started/create a record of you as a person".) Marrying Dan and humanitarian acts documented and being allowed aboard a British warship is character evidence of you not where you were born. (Talk with patrons and influential friends who can vouch for your character, etc.) This advice comes from my heart.

  5. I hope that you remembered to disavow Jordan Peterson in your application letter and stated for the record that Cristiano is the greatest of all time, that you aren't responsible for what some crazy shrink does.. I mean, sometimes you have to fib if you want your visa.

  6. Well quite an eye opener , thanks for sharing this as this will help people who have similar travel plans to look into more carefully and save them a lot of hassle.

  7. I am confused. I mean, it is sad that you couldn't explore Portugal. But as I so far understand you had to leave Portugal because you did not get a Visa, (because you have according to them commited a crime), right?
    Well, now what I am confused about. You say you had to leave, and we saw you were indeed in Portugal, but I assume you had a Visa, since you entered the country.
    I mean, if you went into Portugal territory without a Visa, isn't that the crime on itself that you commited. Since you are Haitian. And ofcourse Dan could normally enter since Portugal is Schengen and thats fine for Canadians if he would not be traveling with someone who enters without the Visa that they require.
    I understand you want to go as the weather lets you, but you need to understand that you can't go into a country if you have no valid visa. Even if you are awaiting for you visa request to be approved.

  8. * First of all – I fogot to say 'Bravo' – for you erstwhile message *
    But I know what you have done Kika. You are breaking the hearts of a lot of young men. But really, your travels are always so much fun. I need to make a audio recording of just your music and vessel passage. I've been trying to find the perfect sounds to sleep by, in peace. Thank you both!

  9. Is it racism? Or is it different countries histories, actions and current situations? I went to college with Haitians, who were from very rich families, yet their own countrymen had no such opportunities. In 2008 two Haitian women, mother and daughter, were convicted of enslaving another Haitian woman after they brought her here. She had been enslaved as a child. They were all “black”. Race was not a factor…

  10. It interest me you got a slip I Gilbartar, it was strange when we passed in this summer the 3 marina’s was half full only and we were forced out any way…
    Strange and very unpleasant experience…
    I sure hope our world will equalize for all
    It’s seems to move in wrong direction
    Hope you find a way 🙂

  11. I love to watch your videos, but on this one, you go to fare with don't understand what you are saying, you are bitch-ing about governments policies and roles and on the other hand, you support them with taxes you pay to them, believe me, you will free to move when something like governments does not exist, looking on you people, living your own life, do you need a governor to tell you how you have to lives your life?

  12. The reason it is so difficult is that Europe is drowning in people from outside who come and never leave Europe again, sometime is give big problem from crime etc 🙁 But yes, it's sad that it has to cost people who wanted to holiday here! Sad you couldn't see more of Europe, there is a lot of good and beautiful places

  13. While we sympathize with the situation, be careful about falling into the victim trap and calling it systemic racism when you don't get your way. Portugal is not the only country that vets every applicant strongly and makes decisions based on which country the applicant comes from. My wife is Colombian and several years ago we were planning an Alaskan cruise, and even though she had a US visa, Canada denied her a visa so we could land in Vancouver, get on the ship and sail to Alaska. Was it racism, or was it a sovereign country's choice to vet based on their criteria? Keep putting out good content, but don't be a victim.

  14. I apologise for the circumstances. Europe is a fortress for all those who are not from Europe. It is a farce what the Europeans are doing here. The people in Europe are very hospitable to a large extent. I can promise that. I wish you a wonderful time.

  15. I've been looking at you since we start building our catamaran, and now we are sailing for three years. Good luck Kika and Dan, I'm russian (with Ucranian Parents), and for today sailing is a disaster for us. Peolpe in Portugal are the most kind people I've ever seen all over the Europe, but Some marine policeman and visa appliers are extremly not kind. Two times they were ready to pull us in to the storm and once I nearly die in Atlantic ocean because of the restriction vising land. Be safe and stay positive, we understand you more then everybody.

  16. Hello Sailing Uma,
    I have a few questions for how I get started finding my first boat. I’ve saved up $20,000 and i have decided it’s time for me to buy my vessel and get to work fixing her up and getting her seaworthy. I’ve messaged 15-20 brokers with most not responding and the rest of the boats already being sold or not surveyed. How did y’all find y’all’s boat and get it surveyed and ready? Looking for help. Thank you, -Kevin

  17. The governmental racism is the result of one particular group who seeks power, then uses what was used against them in days past to continue the deception of violations to humanity deemed as less deserving. The curse is biblical in origin. Stay well ✌️

  18. When I was over in Europe last every time we got to a border they put my passport on the top of the stack because I was an American. The border guards pretty much just waved us through then whereas if somebody else’s was on top they would start asking a bunch of question.

    Not 100% sure how Canada works but if it’s anything like the United States if you would’ve got married way back when before you started all this traveling you quite possibly could have your Canadian passport by now. But that’s just a guess because I don’t really know how it works in Canada but I know how it worked for my mother after she married my father because she had been a German citizen. The marriage got her the green card but she still traveled on her German passport until she finally passed the test and took the oath. She could’ve done it sooner but I have respect for her mother she waited till her mother passed away before changing citizenship.

  19. I Feel you Kika, especially what you said at the end: it is governmental racism at the end of the day. I remember when I wanted a friend of mine from Flight School come visit me in Germany, I didn’t have much money back then and the officials basically told me I have to deposit €30,000 Because that would be roughly what it would cost the state to hunt him and get him out of the country once he starts overstaing, because despite him being a first officer with EgyptAir and flying into Germany every week or so, naturally as an Egyptian citizen the only reason why he could possibly want to visit Germany was to illegally immigrate… 🤦🏼‍♀️

  20. Haiti is a troubled place. And so other countries view incoming Haitians as potentially bringing that trouble with them. That's not racism, that is self preservation… Singing kumbaya won't fix that.

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