Armata Galadriel și Numenor merg la război pentru Pământul de Mijloc | Inelele puterii episodul 5 final

Armata Galadriel și Numenor merg la război pentru Pământul de Mijloc |  Inelele puterii episodul 5 final

Cel mai nou episod al Stăpânului Inelelor, scena finală, Halbrand și Galadriel purtând armură de război se pregătesc de război pe Pământul de Mijloc. Regina Tar Miriel a trimis o mare armată să navigheze și oprește distrugerea Numenor. #TheLordoftheRings #RingsofPower #Galadriel


39 thoughts on “Armata Galadriel și Numenor merg la război pentru Pământul de Mijloc | Inelele puterii episodul 5 final

  1. Why do these soldiers look like young teen models instead of trained soldiers. The look like they can’t even bench press their own weight, they look disorganized and untrained wearing useless flashy armor 🤦‍♀️ Before anyone says they lack experience, yes perhaps but that doesn’t explain their disorganization and looking like they lack any skills.

  2. The potential for this scene in the series could have been great. If not for
    1. How genuinely unlikeable and arrogant Galadriel is.
    2. How cheap and easy it was for Galadriel to USE everyone to accomplish her goals.
    3. The show decided to show us that Galadriel is more competent than the soldiers themselves. After one training are they supposed to be experts now? What an odd way to show this army who were originally in the lore, tall and admirable warriors.
    4. We still don’t have a great view of the threat. In Fellowship our heroes are constantly thwarted with dangers, losing an ally like Saruman, losing Gandalf to the Balrog, and between all these moments are moments of reprieve. The pacing and momentum is lost in the show because it’s such a fractured story we haven’t had time to genuinely be invested.
    The word genuine is key. Because while it is watchable it is certainly not well handled. Even if you took Tolkien’s name out of it (which would be right.) it still does not stand as a show that knows what it’s doing.

  3. John Howe is who you have to thank for why everything in this few first episodes and ones to come visually look awesome, from the design of numenor to the armor , weapons, cloths like everything . He and Alan lee both worked on the conceptual look of peter jacksons films. Dont credit anyone else for why things look as they do because they both know middle earth had spent much of there lives drawing it.

  4. Numenor a military and naval powerhouse in the books but in the show…takes 500 poorly trained soilders and 3 ships to Middle Earth LMAO

    Not to mention the armour because holy fuck does the Numenorian soldiers and Elendil's armour look awful where did this shows budget go lol

  5. All heads turn as Mighty Galadriel, all conquering hero, arrives in splendor more radiant than the sun. Surely this is one of the Valar, Nay the greatest of the Valar sent from Iluvatar. All hearts be humbled, for before you walks magnificence itself.

  6. I really think I'm missing something but I just don't understand how this cost like 55 million an episode? If the Sci-fi channel had made this I would sort of get it, just look at the the Numenoreans in the Fellowship these guys look like they are from an episode of 1960s Startrek! Their supposed to be 7 foot unstoppable warriors akin to Spartans on steroids not the cast from a bad viking movie!

  7. Yep… with this supposed climax and the distasteful battle of ep 6… I guess it's time for me to stop pushing myself to watch this and cure my eyes with the Lord of the Ring's trilogy!

    Thank you Peter Jackson!

  8. I think Halbrand is the most interesting character. He’s charming to watch, saying little, but reveals a slight grin when he makes eye contact. In rags or regal armour, as a vagabond or reluctant royalty, he remains humble yet as skilled as an elf commander. But he’s not a cliche, he’s more traumatized than even Galadriel and holds a great sadness in his heart.

  9. Numenor, the greatest naval nation in middle earth sends the amazing armada of 3 ships, full with cavalry! Yeah this show didnt just give a f*** about the lore, it doesn't care about logic too

  10. 1) This "Numenorean armor" is trash;
    2) Galadriel never spent even a minute on Numenorean soil;
    3) Numenoreans sailed all over Ea, and made numerous trips around the world. Their ships were on the level of European ones of XV-XVI centuries. Do you expect me to believe, that Numenoreans sailed all over the world on THAT? That's not even Galera or Bireme to sail in the Mediterranean. That's some 2-deck trash to sail on the river or the lake or something. And they are bringing an army on it! Omg…

  11. People should stop saying this is the greatest army. Numenor assembled the greatest army once sauron was active in mordor and the great armada invaded the valars and thus numenor destroyed by Eru. This, should be only an expedition since we don't know much about this. But chronological, this is not the great armada

  12. This is disgraceful. Putting aside the major lore breaking. First is Numenor was filled with Men who were around 7’2 tall, their women were never smaller than 6’0 tall.

    The men of Numenor wore real armour from head to toe. Their armour were all embroiled with gems, gold and silver. Their weapons the best of both worlds, the enchantment of the elves and the craft of the dwarves.

    Their bows were of steel, no lesser men could draw them, nor defend against them.

    Their horses were of the same breed that Orome used, although watered down. But twice as big as lesser horses.

    Their horses were intelligent and bonded with their master.

    Their ships were of steel and of the best wood. Each ship could carry thousands of soldiers, likely around 10 thousand per ship. And they had enough to fill the ocean as a sheet of steel. Look up D-Day fleet, that is more realistic for their fleet.

    I cannot imagine how $1 billion went into this show. Wtf.

    All they had to do to make up for their horrible Woke trash was to at least show Numenor and its fleet, soldiers and their bows how it was depicted in the book. That alone would be enough for me to stomach their Woke cunting shit.

  13. Say whatever else you want to about this show, the people responsible for everything that happens from 00:47 onward understood the fucking assignment. That music, that shot, Galadriel ascending onto the deck as the soldiers look in awe as a warrior woman who beheld the light of the Trees enters their presence. Beautiful stuff…

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