Yacht-ul nostru abandonat GRATUIT primește prima spălare în 15 ani!

Yacht-ul nostru abandonat GRATUIT primește prima spălare în 15 ani!

Mulțumim lui DealDash pentru sponsorizarea acestui videoclip! Vizitați https://dealdash.com/rebuildrescue și utilizați codul promoțional REBUILDRescue pentru a obține 100 de oferte gratuite la prima achiziție cu licitare înapoi. Tu ai cerut-o!!!! În acest episod curățăm în sfârșit exteriorul iahtului abandonat gratuit! Va fi nevoie de mult săpun și unsoare de cot, dar până la sfârșitul episodului acest iaht vechi va fi curat pentru prima dată în ANI! Jake a reparat vechea noastră mașină de spălat cu presiune și WOW are ceva putere! Este uimitoare diferența pe care o poate avea o mașină de spălat cu presiune și o mănușă de spălat asupra straturilor de murdărie acumulate pe această barcă. Echipa Mr. Dent a venit cu adevărat pentru noi și a făcut posibil acest proiect de detaliu! Vom putea face ca această vopsea să strălucească din nou ca nouă sau va fi pierdută pentru totdeauna de elemente? Aflați în episodul din această săptămână! Vă rugăm să susțineți proiectul 401 cu o donație către gofundme. Orice puteți oferi este foarte apreciat! https://gofund.me/a459b723 Ia-ți niște produse de salvare pentru reconstrucție! https://rebuild-rescue.myshopify.com VERIFICAȚI ACEST LINK….. este gratuit… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPygLEFniGZmehxouDK-vbw?sub_confirmation=1 Informații de contact Sales@rebuildrescue. com Jason@rebuildrescue.com


33 thoughts on “Yacht-ul nostru abandonat GRATUIT primește prima spălare în 15 ani!

  1. I think with the stuff that that boat has, it might be worth considering docking it somehwhere in Florida so it can go out onto the ocean instead of on a lake

  2. Know what’s funny I’m combat vet and when I first went in you hear all about the perks your like wow so cool then you time comes to end and the only thing I use is the VA . I don’t care about going on a boat free dinner whatever I’m just living my life like any other civilian . For some it’s the greatest thing In the world to them n for that thank you sir

  3. You can do anything you put your mind to 🎉! As a R E B U I L T combat 100% Disabled Combat War Veteran this and many more projects and motivated people INSPIRE ME to keep on BELIEVING IN God, Country, and good people 👍🏼. I’d love to take my new wife ( getting married on Saturday 1 OCT 2022) and my Veteran friends out for some much needed Connection, camaraderie, and good old fashion nourishment.

    I was crushed in an aircraft in Iraq in 2011 and have personally gone through 95 surgeries. My life was shattered and my dreams and hopes were dashed! But thanks to the good work of a few people who cared for me with meticulous craftsmanship, 11 years later I am now walking, breathing, rebuilding a new and beautiful meaningful life!

    Let’s get some talented people to design a red white and blue freedom fighters and rebuild rescue logo for that top half of the boat it would be such a statement and give your purpose some bling!

    Feel free to DM me! I am moving from Colorado Springs to Columbus Ohio so I am not that far from Pennsylvania and would love to come and visit you guys and lend you a hand! After living in the hospital for 3 1/2 years and being in a wheelchair for six years I want to walk again and use my hands to do some good so let’s start getting after it!

  4. Could you include at-risk youth? Some low income children have never been outside of their neighborhood. My only "vacation" as a kid was driving to my aunt's house in Wisconsin and spending a week there. Other than that, I was never on an airplane until I was in college.

  5. This yacht series was the first vid that brought me to rebuild rescue and im definitely subscribing because I really want to see the full process and to finally have veterans enjoy a fun cruise on this, because they really deserve it and it's definitely going to be an amazing site to see once completed

  6. I'm a Navy veteran and my father built Sea Star, Mach I and Envision boats in Monmouth IL. If you need a interior guy, I'm that guy. Did it on and off for 20 years. Thank you for doing this and I appreciate it a lot, hits my heart in a different way. Thanks again

  7. When you said "that ain't going anywhere" the first thing that came to my mind was that you'd been watching Robby's channel then next minute there he is…

  8. As a detailer here in Australia we use the same type of motors and wall/boom installs I’ve seen many motors come and go and pulled apart and rebuilt electric and petrol – remember- RELEASE the pressure once you shut it off 😊😂

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