Blocat la docul din Mexic cu combustibil murdar – Episodul 82

Blocat la docul din Mexic cu combustibil murdar - Episodul 82

După o navigație de 3 zile pe un roller coaster din Honduras până în Mexic, ajungem în Marina Chiapas. Mâinile noastre sunt pline de multă muncă cu barca, de la depanarea problemei cu combustibilul, de la momentul în care ne-am defectat pe mare, până la repararea scurgerii de etanșare a arborelui de transmisie. Acest stil de viață nomad este super plină de satisfacții, dar nu vine fără puțină muncă grea. Acest episod arată un pic din ambele părți, deoarece odată ce proiectele noastre cu barca sunt terminate, ne luăm câteva zile libere pentru a ne relaxa și a ne bucura de timpul nostru într-un Airbnb cu câțiva prieteni navigatori! Doriți să ajutați la susținerea producțiilor noastre video? Alăturați-vă echipajului nostru One Life aici: Ți-a plăcut acest videoclip? Cumpără-ne o băutură aici: Am fost recent invitați la podcastul Ocean Cruisers, vezi-l aici: Am colaborat cu Epic Water Filters . Împreună ne putem ajuta să ne protejăm oceanele și fauna sălbatică, câte un filtru de apă! Pentru a-ți lua propriul echipament Epic Water Filter, mergi la: **Asigură-te că folosești codul promoțional EPICONELIFE în timpul comenzii pentru a primi 20% reducere la comanda ta. One Life Merchandise: Pentru mai multe aventuri Sailing One Life și actualizări actuale, urmăriți-ne pe: Facebook – Instagram – Website –


39 thoughts on “Blocat la docul din Mexic cu combustibil murdar – Episodul 82

  1. I spent a lot of boat deliveries florida to the caribbean cleaning fuel systems until I finally learned that startron's tank cleaner really works. Now when I do a pre-delivery checkout of a boat I fill the tank and add the tank cleaner, at least a month before heading out. Since then I've never needed to replace filters or de-gunk draw pipes while bashing upwind at high revs…unless I get lazy and fill without using the baja filter because I think, well…I'm in Miami, the fuel should be good….
    Good job with the rear seal replacement, always a tough job unless you can pull the trans.

  2. Thanks again kids for giving me smiles on a Sunday morning! Very cool you solved two rather important problems on the boat, must be satisfying. It's strange to see multiday contortion stinky sweaty difficult fixes solved in a few minutes of video editing, if only real life were so simple, eh? Peace to you both…onwards

  3. I bet that smelled awesome!😜 As several others have mentioned here using an Enzyme based diesel fuel additive keeps this at bay….A few ounces every other fill up is all it takes. Also if you pop that large access panel off the top of the tank once a year and visually check and see if there is any sludge buildup sure helps. Not fun!
    I'm still super jealous of you guys! Sailing life looks sooo in tune with nature! Sure there's good days and bad days, but even that's just natural. Some day when I grow up…..😜

  4. Great to see another video from you guys! I hope you're having a safe trip to wherever your haul-out is….it's almost time for that, isn't it? That Air BnB looked AWESOME!

  5. Totally enjoyed the episode, guys. 🎉 Very handy that Gary is a mechanical engineer. Damn!! Brooke, loved the new hair look😊 See you both next week ✨ 🌊 💨 ⛵️ 🏝 👙 🌞 ✨

  6. Have any of you sailors tried the diesel biocide additives? When they dropped the sulfur out of diesel it caused thus problem. The sulfur was an existing preservative (if you will ) for the fuel oil. Anyways, the growth you experienced in the tank is from extremeophiles. These are little bugs that grow in nasty environments. We have had some luck with the NAPA branded biocide for diesel fuel here in the great lakes. We find less clogging in the polishing system when adding this. The only sure way to avoid the problem is to source kerosene that still has the sulfur, pre 2007 kerosene. When an old farm tank goes up for sale, if the farm has been out of business for 16 years, that's good fuel left in the tanks.

  7. Gary,
    I could be mistaken, but I think the pick up lines should be the 2 fittings in the removable plate, so the plate could be removed to clear the pick up tubes, and the fittings welded to the tank should be the return lines. Also, the shorter of the 2 pick up tubes is for the genset, so if the generator would run the tank out of fuel, the propulsion engine would still have a little fuel to get you to a dock.

  8. Another great video thanks guys. Did you happen to meet my friend Aaron Carotta I seen in the video his rowing boat was there, first person to row the pacific coast of Mexico. He’s now slowly making his way to Panama, where I am currently on my Catamaran. And intends on sailing the world. He’s currently in Nicaragua.

  9. I have 40 year’s as a marine mechanic….great job diagnostic and repair. You were getting anaerobic bacteria growth in your tank. Great job on the tranny repair. You are in Mexico drink tequila!

  10. I'm working on this sort of issue right now. I'm using an enzyme fuel treatment which breaks up the slime . Then I'm running a small filter and a circulating pump to polish the fuel. Btw those 12 volt pumps make fuel transfer easier.

  11. Oh my!! You totally lucked out with that tank access!😆So many times I'd find that the tank and pickup/sender access was buried somewhere where it was difficult to service. Great job getting the coupler seal done. The only concern I have is that you got the output shaft nut tight enough. Like you said, keep an eye on it. Maybe revisit it after a long run to be sure. Do you put a spray shield on the stuffing box? A piece of water bottle plastic and a ziptie works perfectly. I miss boats even though I hurt from 30 years crawling around them.
    Great to see you two having fun after all the repairs.

  12. Hi my name is steve, Boat SV Darika a 33 nauticat. 90HP ford lehman and 2 x stainless 300 lts tank total 600 lts diesel.
    But I have always had diesel problems. Blocked pick up pipes both tanks and diesel bug algy. Cleaning out tanks with that amount of diesel became problematic.. So i made a fuel polishing kit. A spair fuel filter housing with glass water trap. a 12 v powerful diesel pump mounted on a board with on off switch. to hoses suction one with a straight pipe on the end and the other put back in the diesel tank.. Works like a vacuum cleaner. don't have to be in a dock to use it. Even anchored at sea you can polish your diesel up.. Together with some fuel additive works pretty good and not so messy as cleaning the tanks. This problem does not go away and needs to be kept on top of

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