S3 LIVE: 2022 LÂNGĂ Spania Sail Grand Prix | Ziua 2

S3 LIVE: 2022 LÂNGĂ Spania Sail Grand Prix |  Ziua 2

Poate echipa Spain SailGP să ofere un spectacol pentru fanii săi spanioli în ultima zi a NEAR Spain Sail Grand Prix de la Cádiz? Abonați-vă aici: https://bit.ly/2IZR3n4 Like SailGP Pe Facebook: http://sail.gp/facebook Urmăriți SailGP Pe Twitter: http://sail.gp/twitter Urmărește SailGP Pe Instagram: http://sail .gp/Instagram Rămâneți la curent cu buletinul informativ SailGP: http://sail.gp/signup SailGP navighează redefinit. Înființat în 2018 și cu sediul în Londra și New York, SailGP este un campionat sportiv anual, global, care oferă tehnologie îndrăzneață, de ultimă oră și atletism uimitor. Cursele de coastă, centrate pe fani, au loc în unele dintre cele mai emblematice porturi de pe glob și culminează cu o cursă de meciuri de 1 milion de dolari în care câștigătorul ia tot. Echipe naționale rivale din Australia, Danemarca, Franța, Marea Britanie, Noua Zeelandă, Spania și Statele Unite se luptă cu catamarane F50 supraalimentate identice, proiectate pentru curse intense la viteze electrizante care depășesc 50 de noduri (aproape 60 mph).


30 thoughts on “S3 LIVE: 2022 LÂNGĂ Spania Sail Grand Prix | Ziua 2

  1. That start from the French team was perfect. They got in a great position and just timed it to perfection. Take some notes NZ. Your charge is too predictable, you are easily blocked and timing terrible.

  2. Mostly love the Sail GP..

    But in several races it’s a turn off when we time out just before finish and it changes the results. And then the number of fleet races per day keeps changing last minute, the number of crew on board keeps changing. It seems so random and pointless

    And the commentary could be a lot more interesting… it’s basically a verbal scoreboard 80% of the time – or describing what we can see on screen, not explaining or talking about what’s off screen. What the differences are between the boats. What about some more technical sailing explanations? Some rule explanations? Explaining why the changes in my first paragraph!

  3. Corporate greenwashing = SAIL GP.
    Enough of this faux environmentalism.
    SAIL GP promoting SUVs and environmental destruction with Range Rover, one of the worst things you can do to the environment past a Hummer, as a main sponsor. Talking out of both sides of their mouth, while encouraging "awareness". How stupid do they think you are?

    A sham to greemwash their dirty irresponsible environmentally destructive sponsors. Disgusting. How's that "awareness" going?

  4. SailGP hasn't proven to be an entertaining spectator sport thus far. If you don't sail it's very difficult to follow. Haven't managed to convert a single person into a fan in 2 years.

  5. So, they reduced crews for the last race when the wind became less predictable, yet they kept a full crew compliment in the second day at St-Tropez when there barely even was a wind?? Seriously!?

  6. Good effort USA and Spithill! What an exciting finish.
    Full respect for the French team – nice way to celebrate the one year anniversary of Delapierre taking the helm.

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