Tur de iaht de 7 milioane de euro: 80 Sunreef Power

Tur de iaht de 7 milioane de euro: 80 Sunreef Power

O cantitate fenomenală de spațiu la bordul acestui catamaran incredibil. Sponsorizat de: https://www.boatsandyachtswarranty.com În asociere cu: https://www.silverstoneauctions.com https://www.intelligentmoney.com https://www.yacht-solutions.co.uk https:/ /www.vircru.com Cu mulțumiri către: https://www.sunreef-yachts.com https://instagram.com/aquaholicnick https://twitter.com/BurnhamNick https://facebook.com/aquaholicnick Citiți-mi articole online pentru MBY la https://www.mby.com/author/nickburnham Vezi mai multe dintre videoclipurile mele pe canalul YouTube MBY: https://www.youtube.com/user/ybwtv


33 thoughts on “Tur de iaht de 7 milioane de euro: 80 Sunreef Power

  1. richmans who own this will be pretty happy in the case of zombie or similar apocalypse., they will go on open sea and fill Yacht with supplies for several months or year and live pretty well while others will be in shitty troubles

  2. do they ever make a boat with such passion and grandeur for daily living, like a really well made, high tech, and expensive live aboard boat? I have been kinda looking for one and havent seen one built like this but for daily living.

  3. Unless I missed it you never mentioned any wing stations, I would think on something as wide as two normal yachts wing stations would be a must have. I think I’ll order mine with them🤣🤣

  4. Having watched the Sunreef 80 Eco vid before this one why would you buy the 80 power if you want to travel trans Atlantic distance. Fuel prices will more than cover the extra costs in a couple of years. Also the Eco has a better interior in my humble opinion. So when I win the Euros I know which one is the best for me 🤞🤣. It is never going to happen but we can only dream 😢

  5. What does everyone think of the lighting? I'm really talking about the fixture like the sconces in the cabins? I'm not a fan but what say you? Thx. (3:24) you can see one

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