Blocat în TRIUNGHIUL BERMUDELOR (Vânturi cu 30 de noduri)

Blocat în TRIUNGHIUL BERMUDELOR (Vânturi cu 30 de noduri)

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43 thoughts on “Blocat în TRIUNGHIUL BERMUDELOR (Vânturi cu 30 de noduri)

  1. We always wait for your latest video to be released, because we're eager to see where your journey has taken you, but recently, I find that I bet my biggest laughs from watching your two boys.
    This week it was Lenny working, and pulling down the overhead in the berth "Helping Dadda".
    Then perhaps the best had to be Darwin chomping on his mouth full of chocolate.
    Love you all…

  2. Love this chanel have been watching for years!!! Grew up in the out back 2hrs from Geraldton in Western Australia.
    Would be wicked if you hired a vessel and did a sail up the WA coast and across the top end of Aus👌

  3. Great video…In regards to what to do during your off boat time….how about going to visit places further inland somewhere. It's nice that you are having a great last trip on your boat.

  4. Wow, this is the first video where I can actually see that La Vaga is looking a little beat up. She looks really dull and the scratches and scraps everywhere just show how much fun you all have had. Glad she's going in for an overhaul soon. She's been an excellent boat

  5. Wooow Arctic circle trip ! You guys have to try and spot some northern lights if at all possible ?!
    Catch your own salmon and make sushi’s 🥳
    Enjoy the trip ! ⛵️
    PS: love love love the animations. Learning about your decision making process is so cool ☺️

  6. Thanks for this beautiful video. I watched it in my safe room (aka 1/2 bathroom) while hurricane Ian passes overhead and it totally took me away and calmed my nerves. Time to queue up a few more!😅

  7. I love how you guys include your crew, by asking how they're feeling. You're including a different perspective and you make them (and us) feel included in your journey. Props to Ellie (and other crew) to going on this adventure and to Elayna and Riley for bringing "outsiders" along on this journey

  8. I am so glad you all made it out of the bahama's with hurricaine Ian out there churning it up even thought it was mainly on the other side. I love the ocean but not that dark water going through the atlantic there ! Look forward to new adventures !

  9. What to do after Svalbard? The seasonal timing may not click, but someone in the sailing channels needs to do The Great Lakes – There is nothing else like these inland freshwater seas – fantastic

  10. I would love to see you guys sailing on West Coast Canada, cruising around the islands here with the sea life and cute little anchorages is so so beautiful. We love sailing here aside from the coldish falls think you would like it aswell!

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