Yacht cu vele recuperat de pe fundul mării! | Lucrările la Dilbar continuă în ciuda sancțiunilor | EP134 SY News

Yacht cu vele recuperat de pe fundul mării!  |  Lucrările la Dilbar continuă în ciuda sancțiunilor |  EP134 SY News

#superyacht #superyachts #yachts #boats Lucrările continuă la comanda de „înghețare” a gigantului MegaYacht Dilbar | EP134 SY Noutăți Galactica Supernova Încă în ascunsă Elenora E A crescut și acum mutat pe uscat Dilbar Mutat și lucrări în curs de desfășurare în ciuda sancțiunilor și a comenzii de „înghețare” Abonați-vă acum! https://youtube.com/esysmansuperyachts Urmărește-mă pe: Instagram – http://instagram.com/esysman_superyachts Twitter – https://twitter.com/eSysman Facebook – www.facebook.com/eSysman NOTIFICARE DE PRESĂ Toate imaginile sunt drepturi de autor al canalului de Youtube eSysman Superyachts. Nicio imagine nu poate fi reprodusă sau reutilizată fără permisiunea expresă. Dacă utilizați orice informație din acest videoclip, vă rugăm să creditați canalul eSysman SuperYachts. Dacă doriți să utilizați fotografii preluate din videoclip, contactați-ne în avans. Trebuie acordat și creditul canalului de youtube. Dacă doriți fotografii sau videoclipuri pentru utilizare sau sindicare, vă rugăm să ne contactați. Muzică de – Epidemic Sounds https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/arptj5/


20 thoughts on “Yacht cu vele recuperat de pe fundul mării! | Lucrările la Dilbar continuă în ciuda sancțiunilor | EP134 SY News

  1. I'm amazed that that sunken yacht didn't get pulled out the next day, or the day after, instead they let it marinate there for months, I know, I know, insurance etc., but you don't leave your car on the side of the road for months when you get into an accident with it, you clear the road, put in a safe place, cover with something, so water doesn't get in and so on, of course the cost of pulling it out of the water doesn't quite compare to moving a car, but also the price of the object isn't the same, and I doubt the owner built it on lease and is struggling to make the end meet after making the monthly payment, so obviously he/she had money to spare
    just seems so wasteful, all the extra work now to deal with the salt water damage and muck everywhere…

  2. … 👍💛… wonderful to hear from you as always … but I do miss your Dockwalks, Genoa, Monaco, your fantastic drone photography … love your shirt, too … I think it's my favourite … yes, the search & rescue vessel certainly dealt a crushing blow to Eleanor E … seems like deliberate damage to me …& what a poor show for a search & rescue vessel … Galatica SuperNova must have docked into another dimension …& Dilbar being re'fitted for safety … hhmmm, Dilbar may be in future, cruising through dangerous waters? …

  3. Re Pacific in Marmaris. I can confirm that the name change to Pacific x has phisically taken place, see foto. Also on the Stern. Only a vynl sticker though . Some background about the dock is that there is no public access as it only open via passing through passport control if you are going on the ferry to Rhodes or a passenger on a Cruise ship. All other private boat crew would require a pass. I live here 20 years, work in the industry prefer to be known as a subscriber. Keep up the good work. Can't add my photo at the moment ???

  4. Where I grew up on the wirral their is a sunken/ recovered/ ww2 German submarine that they raised in the 90s, complete!…
    . Watching that sail down the mersey was a ghostly sight. The yacht looks almost as old after just a couple of months

  5. that sailing vessel that got sunk by that idiot coast guard pilot driving that coast guard ship is still such a fucked up story. Id be suing the shit out of anybody and everybody i could till they paid to completely rebuild or replace my boat.

  6. The hull of the wooden sailing yacht can be repaired, but the real cost will be refurbishment of the interior. The insurance company may write it off as a total loss, but someone will end up repairing it.

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