De ce marinarii US Navy îi urăsc pe ofițerii care trăiesc pe un portavion

De ce marinarii US Navy îi urăsc pe ofițerii care trăiesc pe un portavion

Viața unui marinar poate fi uneori dificilă și grea. Membrii echipajului petrec adesea săptămâni sau chiar luni departe de casă și nu duc tocmai o viață de lux în timp ce fac acest lucru. Pe un portavion, se știe că ofițerii se bucură de condiții de viață superioare celor ale marinarilor. De ce există o asemenea diferență în viața unui ofițer și a unui marinar? ins vikrant portavion nou, portavion indian, decolare portavion, portavion american, portavion uss gerald ford. Un membru al Marinei care servește în gradele înrolate este numit marinar, în timp ce ofițerii sunt membri ai Marinei sau ai Rezervei Marinei care îndeplinesc criteriile minime de educație de a deține o diplomă de la un colegiu sau universitate care oferă un program de patru ani și care au absolvit formarea ofițerilor sunt eligibili pentru a deveni ofițeri comisionați. Ofițerii au zone de acostare separate de personalul înrolat, care este denumit în mod obișnuit „țara ofițerilor”. Ofițerii au camerele lor private în care dorm. Punțile de mizerie sunt locul în care dorm marinarii juniori, marinarii de frunte și marinarii de dedesubt. Marinarii superiori, inclusiv subofițerii și mai sus, dorm în camere cu mai multe dane, care sunt aranjate în funcție de rangurile lor, cum ar fi PO, CPO și MCPO. Camerele ofițerilor sunt toate la fel. Deoarece este situat atât peste un birou extensibil, cât și peste o comodă, patul supraetajat este oarecum ridicat. Un dulap compact și o chiuvetă pliabilă sunt situate chiar la capătul patului. #portavion #usnavy #marinari


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  1. Did you know that there is such a difference in the life of an officer and a sailor aboard an aircraft carrier? Do you think that's justified? Or should sailors also have the same rights as officers and good sleeping quarters ❓💙

  2. During my service in the Navy, I lived on 3 amphibious ships: 2 helicopter carriers and a tank landing ship, and I never hated officers! I realized that they had their jobs to do that entailed a tremendous degree of responsibility, initiative and performance, much more so than that which was expected of me, even though that was a great deal as well, concerning my normal duties as an Electrician's Mate.

    In view of this, as far as I was concerned, they deserved the exalted status, quirks and extra pay that was allocated them!

    Another thing to consider and that is, if enlisted men got into a spot of trouble, the disciplinary action that normally followed was usually somewhat limited, and after a procedure of non-judicial punishment, (Captain's Mast), he was returned to his normal duties, apparently less the worse for wear.

    In the case of an officer however, depending upon the nature of the offense, the aftermath conceivably could be viewed so serious in the eyes of his superiors, as to cost him his career and subsequently would be drummed out of the Service!

    There is a reason for the chain of comnand in the Service, and no organization could survive without it!

    Case in point, could you have a football team, if everybody wanted to do "his thing"?

  3. What a dumb story. So, a person who is qualified to land a plane on a AC is the same as a sailor. With responsible goes the privileges. Get a degree and get promoted. You knew this when joining.

  4. I was enlisted and never hated the officers because they had nicer berthing and better chow. Rank has its privileges. This video forgot to mention the g-dunk. The chow aboard the ship usually sucked and gave me a bad case of the farts which is why I ate out of the g-dunk.

  5. I am USN Veteran who served on 3 aircraft carriers. nobody "Hated" anyone. there were differences of opinions. But as the old saying goes, " Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one"… I was a plane captain, ensuring that my particular aircraft was ready and prepared safe for the pilot (officer) to fly. I took pride in my job. and got lots of respect for it.

  6. I think that the enlisted hate stupid officers! Like those that make them eat, drink, and bathe in jet fuel contaminated water while blowing smoke up their asses and telling them everything is fine! Oh and those same officers are refusing to notate the exposure to jet fuel tainted water in their medical files for possible future treatment by the va!

  7. Coming from the Army side, I would never want to be in the Navy for this reason. True leadership is being in the s*** with your men. The officer should be the first one to hit the ground and the last one in the chow line.

  8. I was in the Air Force
    I am very glad that congress provides enough money to provide a decent accommodations for the officers. It IS elitism very much and is not necessary in any form for a functional military. It’s not right that the enlisted get treated like crap to support the officers. Regardless of our history and what George Washington wanted for his army, today’s practices are completely irresponsible. We would have the SAME equally respectable force if everybody was treated equally. It is a fact that most of our service members are living in poverty. Our annual military budget is appalling. The USA military budget is considerably larger than any other country and we still have major problems that are completely unacceptable : example sexual assault and nothings being done about it. It’s literally being swept under the rug. We still have our military killing civilians when supposedly only trying to kill our adversaries. To this day, we still have gay soldiers, airman & seamen who are being harassed BECAUSE they are gay and still no action is being taken to protect the minority in the ranks fighting for our nation. I am very glad that they allow the officers to pay for ice cream. But are they gonna allow the rest of the crew to pay for ice cream and maintain it in the galley? Of course not.

  9. Sailors do not sleep on " mess decks ", they have berthing quarters. Of course, warships don't have enough room to accommodate every enlisted person with their own bunk, so many of them have to " hot rack ". That is, they share a bunk with another sailor [ yuck ] that works different hours.
    This doesn't cause hatred among the enlisted ranks for officers. That which causes dissention among enlisted/ officer ranks is usually a personality clash. Some officers are insecure [ they suck at their job and worry that others will notice ], some enlisted types are general assholes, as you'd find in any environment. Then there are the immature types, they let some authority consume their every waking moment. The only difference is, in the military you can't just confront an officer or senior enlisted, there has to be some discipline among the ranks.

  10. This viewing of the Navy is so incorrect as to make we wonder why they would mislead people about something that is not really true. Yes, there are individual sailors who probably feel this way, but to suggest this is true of all sailors on capitol ships and carriers is so false. Makes me wonder if this isn’t some sort of subservient message that is planted to put discourse into the view of the Navy and the perception of the Navy. I find it interesting as well to state that officers receive a better quality of food, absolutely not true. Depending on the size of ship, yes, they have a separate cook for their food, but the food is 5he same the enlisted are served.

  11. Quite clear this video is intended to INCITE discord in the navy. Shame on you for interloping and conducting this organized agitation. You want breathing space like the senior ranks? You EARN it. Cry babies

  12. So much misinformation. Juniors officers share rooms, sometimes 4 in a room; senior enlisted E7 and above sometimes have better accommodation. The end of the day, you have to do your time and earn the rank.

  13. I was an Air Force officer long ago. The allowance for meals was not enough to pay for 3 meals a day for a month when I was in the field. The one time uniform allowance also did not cover expenses. Not a big deal, but worth noting.

  14. The Navy feeds its sailors very high quality food. In truth, sailors eat better than any other branch of the service. Officers are the overseers of their assigned group and the work to be completed. They do the paperwork, assign tasks to be performed, make sure the tasks are being completed, stuff like that. However, the real leaders are the Chiefs. They are the Lords of the Ship and without them nothing would function. 😅😂

  15. Former sea-going Marine here. I understand and appreciate that officers and enlisted are separated for a reason, and that rank has its privileges. However, these provisions were also made in the ancient era when ship life was rough and Spartan. Our barracks today is vastly better than quonset huts, and for good reason. While a typical sailor in 1940's may come from some small rural town and have never even seen an ocean, our sailor today may have gone on a family cruise before enlisting. American civilian living standards have risen dramatically even compared to 30-years ago. Just like we look 30-years ahead in technology when designing ships, they need to improve berthing areas with the next 30-years in mind. Or else, the Navy will continue to struggle to improve their recruiting goals year after year.

  16. I served on an aircraft carrier during the late '60s as a commissioned officer. The food in the enlisted mess was better than the officer's mess. Living conditions were better, less crowded. However, junior officers (I was one) had numerous senior officers Lt.s to Captains who were in a position to make your life hell.

  17. I never cared that Officers had some privileges that I didn't. They really aren't much. However I was never on a ship as I was in the Bee's. I just always figured that their added responsibilities earned them a little. Their pay surely doesn't

  18. Yet another BU LLL S HIIIT headline and misinformation. You really are some kind of commie pinko A ss Hole with all your lies and your subversion of the life of a group of people whose pride and ethics you obviously have no understanding of. I'm not even going to watch the video because you obviously do not know anything about your subject matter.

  19. I only worked on day in the wardroom and hated it, I could not help to wonder why it was so few Black officers on an Air Craft carrier. I spent 1 years in the chief Mess and love it. The best eatiing in my life. Most of my time was in the main Galley, and let me tell you if was lots of work, but I loved cooking egg in the morning you get to hook up people you like and in return get the best hookup like fight deck boots and light duty chits from the Corpsman. I really enjoy working on Cargo provisions. I should not tell you this but I use to sell food to the Shipyard workers. It was a good business.

  20. The tradition of naval officers paying for their own food dates back to well before the Revolution. It was common practice for officers of the Royal Navy to pay for their own supplies and uniforms and to have their own cooks. Here the captain would have a cook and dine in his own cabin or with his invited guest and have his own personal cook and the other officers would mess in the gun room or ward room depending on the size of the ship and would have their meals prepared for them by their own cook that was separate from that of the the common sailors. Only on exceptionally long commissions or runs without supplies would a captain or officer eat the standard "salt horse" (salted and preserved beef or pork) provided to the common sailors. All officers paid for their own uniforms from the time when they are first commissioned as a lieutenant right on up through the ranks of Commander, Post Captain and Admiral.

  21. its not jus u.s sailors im a ex royal australian navy sailor i was a able seaman and we hated officers i had 20 years naval experience and had to take orders from a fresh officer that was younger then my own kids and fresh out of school with no idea of how it all works

  22. The Enlisted Ranks is nothing more than slave labor for the Officer Ranks. The Officers get the best of everything… while the Enlisted Ranks are treated like dirt by the Officer Ranks. At least that is the way it was when I was in the U.S. Army.

  23. 2 years on the Coral Sea. Never gave the officers a thought. Rarely saw them, other than my division officer, outside of getting in and out of the aircraft.

  24. Unless they've changed it since I retired nearly 20 years ago, E-6 and below share the same berthing, usually by department and/or division. E-7,8, and 9 have a separate berthing area that gives each individual more room, and on some of the carriers I've served on the Command Master Chief had a stateroom.

  25. You overlooked the tradition of holiday. Christmas and Thanksgiving, officers MUST wear full dress uniform to serve enlisted personnel. Enlisted can dine in civilian attire. You give even more respect to the chain of command to ensure the care and welfare of the enlisted .

  26. As a Navy Veteran who served aboard the USS Forrestal (CV-59), I can say sailor didn't hate officers per se. It is more about personality differences, some people just don't click. More to the point, the officers lived in staterooms, which didn't appear to me too much of an upgrade to me. I used to go into Officer's Country to wind the clocks and can say the only real nice staterooms belonged to the Ship's Captain and Executive officer plus the Flag stateroom. All the rest were spartan, in my opinion. In port, I would often walk up the the airwing officer's country to use the head there, since they were gone. The head and shower was the same as the one in my own berthing area, except without the 20 sailors…hehe.

  27. There’s a huge part that this video missed. Navy Chiefs run the Navy and take care of the Junior enlisted. The Chiefs also have separate living quarters, galley, and wear uniforms similar to Officers. And the best Officers are normally Mustangs, or prior U.S. Navy Chiefs. Love the footage!!

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