Marinarii Marinei INDENAȚI PENTRU Schimbările MAJORE de Uniforme confirmate NIMENI N-A VORIT?! (Opriți nebunia)

Marinarii Marinei INDENAȚI PENTRU Schimbările MAJORE de Uniforme confirmate NIMENI N-A VORIT?!  (Opriți nebunia)

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23 thoughts on “Marinarii Marinei INDENAȚI PENTRU Schimbările MAJORE de Uniforme confirmate NIMENI N-A VORIT?! (Opriți nebunia)

  1. 3:34 Aha! You see Nicky! The issue is… Blue isn't fashionable. Do you Navy guys really want civies/possible recruits to see you wearing blue? That's unreasonable!

    Now! A khaki uniform that looks and fits like you just went to Menards, grabbed a khaki work shirt and some khaki trousers off the shelf without trying them on? Oh! Baby! The recruits will be all over the Navy when they see the sailors walking around town in that uniform!

    Hmm! That 2Poc… Man, it just puts the USMC's dress blues to shame. You totally don't look like you're about to cut grass, cut down a tree or clean out some vents.

  2. This is one of the things I hate about the Navy. Big Navy will devote 98% of its energy to reinventing the wheel over and over. And 1% to common sense and 1% to giving us what we want and making our lives easier.😑

  3. Hi, looks like to me that we have circled back to an untucked working uniform we had in the 70’s. I was a PN and loved the uniform. This was the same time Adm Zumwalt canceled the Cracker Jack uniform and forced E6 and below to wear the CPO dress blues, the only difference was the buttons on the dress coat.

  4. Most (home) Embroidery Sewing machines are driven by SEW or JEF files. All you need is the approved colored thread and a backing Fabric. When I was in, there were always a few divisions that someone had a sewing machine (Always 1 was the skivie wavers), where you took your Whites or Blues ti det you ships badge and insignia put on neatly for a buck . 2 rows of neat stitching. I did a buds work uniform with 2 rows of small ducks, cot a chuckle from the inspecting officer. (Never break the rule, just bend the hell outa them)

  5. the new 2poc uniform looks fine and actually has purpose. The black rank tab on green type 3 uniforms is the stupidest thing ive ever seen and i am furious about it. it looks so dumb

  6. I was in 01-07 right at the begining of these shenanigans, I happened to really liked the "poopy-suits" the utilities were not aweful, I actually liked the working whites I really liked the working blues

  7. Well, I think sailors should look like sailors. I was a Dungaree sailor and loved them. I wouldn't wear the coverall, even under orders from the COB as the 'Official' underway uniform. "Scratch it up!" I wasn't alone, and the skipper killed it. Do I need to mention that the COB and I hated each other, still do. That was my second COB. My first COB and I got along great and are still in touch.
    I've been out for 35 years.
    On the other hand, it is and improvement from the bloody camo shit. They should go back to dungarees though.

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