Am încercat să navighez singur, fără experiență

Am încercat să navighez singur, fără experiență

Învățarea navigației solo fără experiență


28 thoughts on “Am încercat să navighez singur, fără experiență

  1. The air problem with the diesel engines often caused when you try to start the engine with little-or-no fuel in the tank, it appears on diesel car engines as well. Perhaps that was the case or is there any kind of plastic ring under the screw of the fuel filter maybe it might cause air to get in?

  2. Hey man, how about making a new channel for the long half hour behind the scene videos like this, and keep the main channel concept about coding and your startup (if it's still in progress or fully made opensource).

    Viewers interested in tech would stay on the main channel and those interested in random events like sailing across the Atlantic would definitely sub to the new channel.

    P.S.: I'm interested in both BTW.

  3. 09:55 you should have built an mobile app(Android) for GPS, it's quite easy actually. You don't need network coverage or anything and it works the best in ocean with full accuracy. I had built a prototype for GPS tracking for vessels and it was quite fun.

  4. Have a helmet on board in case of strong winds where the boom may hit your head. And have flares. I used to enjoy windsurfing and dinghy sailing. Got towed in by the coast guard one time when my boat was upside down and I couldn't get it upright. But I was a bit reckless where I actually enjoyed strong wind.

  5. Hey, Kalle.

    You should try reaching out to Johan from 'RAN Sailing'. He is a fellow Swede and seems to be really technically inclined on everything boat-related. Perhaps, he can help you out with the engine issues and other questions you might have related to sailing.

    Hope it helps. 🤷‍♂

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