„Arde barca și face cererea de asigurare”. AR TREBUI SĂ NE?! | PĂSĂRĂ DE MARE SAILING Ep. 11

„Arde barca și face cererea de asigurare”.  AR TREBUI SĂ NE?!  |  PĂSĂRĂ DE MARE SAILING Ep.  11

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26 thoughts on “„Arde barca și face cererea de asigurare”. AR TREBUI SĂ NE?! | PĂSĂRĂ DE MARE SAILING Ep. 11

  1. Curtis hide here of the sailing vessel Liberty freedom you will find more pleasure and more enjoyment you will find a greater appreciation for your home and your vessel when you do what you're talking about doing because once it's completed you'll be able to look back on it with pride and know that your hands your sweat your tears is what made that vessel what it is

  2. Enjoyed the Episode,
    For the windows are you able to glass over the openings then re-cutting the openings the correct sizes for the windows you have? Also, is it supposed to have core material between the glass, or just the small pieces of wood?

  3. Remember, never to put polyester on top of epoxy, it won't stick for long, unless you put vinylester between, just continue with epoxy, when you have started with epoxy. And just continue building, a boat that are built, will always be better than a boat that are bought, there's just a lot without the skills, that are afraid that you're having more fun than them. If you want to sail for a long time, it's better to know your boat inside out, because, in some far corner of the world, there's only you to repair it.

  4. Great project, but it seams to me that you are working random. Why not first do the outsite completely then you can go to the water and live there propely, water, draining, ect. And then step by step the insite.

  5. Giday Mate's your going well
    On the window sealant the best marine sealant I've used is Sikaflex keep well away from silicone sealants it always breaks down.
    The angel's of boat renovations abide with you
    Till next time Cheers from Nz

  6. How I wish I had your youth again and was engaged with a project like yours,fix this and replace that soon it will come together, as for negative comments,use it to give yourselves inspiration soon you will have a fantastic boat ,and prove them all wrong,leaving you with such a sense of achievement

  7. With an old hull like this, you start with sandblasting the entire hull, then putty with epoxy putty, sand, more putty, until the surface is smooth. Then primer, sanding and sanding to then paint the hull with several layers of antifouling. Remember to use protective clothing and a breathing mask because these are extremely toxic chemicals you will be working with. So one more thing, under no circumstances stand under hanging load. Machines and masts can always be replaced, but not lost lives or disabled people.

  8. you guys have a big job ahead of you. first you need to research how the keel was constructed on your boat . It looks like it is one that has framed compartments that were originally filled with styrofoam. once you find how it is constructed . if it is a framed keel find the support frame around the wet area. cut the glass veneer off the framed section , be sure you cut inside the framing . it's easy to take more off but hard to put it back. Once the cover layer of glass is off you can see how bad the damage inside the keel is . If your lucky the framing will be solid. let everything dry out really well and reinforce everything with glass. use chop cloth, it holds a lot of resin which is what you want, 1 layer chop and at least 1 layer of weave. once everything is reinforced and dry use closed celled styrofoam to fill the void. you need a nice fit to the frame. hopefully you could get the outer layer off in one piece. repair the outer layer , on the inside of the glass (sheet). again use chop and epoxy. bevel the edges of the outside layer of the framed section and the out side sheet you are attaching so you have a large angle on each side and fill with glass and epoxy to make a smooth outer surface. you need to check the rest of the keel for water. I have been involved in repairing 2 boats that had this type of keel problem and there were always more than 1 compartment of the keel flooded

  9. Hi. I follow your project recently and i find you have courage and determination. Just a question: is your ship a Camper & Nicholson 39. Because we have one based in the north of France and yours look like ours although the inside is a little different. And we have 2 masts. Enjoy !

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