Mai mult Insula Monhegan și Remorcherul Epavă Pachetul 420 Navigație

Mai mult Insula Monhegan și Remorcherul Epavă Pachetul 420 Navigație

După hrănirea Homarului de săptămâna trecută, ne-am trezit într-o dimineață uimitoare. Îți arăt epava remorcherului DT Sheraton și te duc până la far. Dacă vă plac aceste videoclipuri, vă rugăm să vă abonați. Și dacă doriți să susțineți producția acestor videoclipuri, ne-ar plăcea să vă avem în echipa noastră de patron. Pentru câțiva dolari pe lună, utilizatorii primesc conținut fără adăugare și conținut exclusiv exclusiv pentru utilizatori. (Link de mai jos)


25 thoughts on “Mai mult Insula Monhegan și Remorcherul Epavă Pachetul 420 Navigație

  1. I liked your comment "there are only about 3 days that are flat calm" being in the pnw there are only about 10 days that are both windy and warm. If you can navigate in Maine without crashing you can drive a boat anywhere.

  2. I spent a few summers on Monhegan back in the early 60's with the Partridges. Back then they had a real ice house for the island store as there was no electricity. They cut the ice in winter from the Ice Pond, covered it in sawdust and stored it in the ice shed. It was a cool place to go on a hot summer day. Thanks for the great video shots, they bring back a lot of fun memories.

  3. I love seeing drone footage of various landscape. From our travels we found that Maine is certainly rugged and beautiful. What kind of drone do you have? Depending on your drone model you may be able to smooth out the yaw speed so that it doesn't "jump" so quickly. Do you have your Part 107 FAA License?

  4. Welcome home, Tim! A visit every few years is kind of an enjoyment of years gone by sprinkled with sadness that the old gang will no longer be together like before. Life moves on and takes our best buddies with it. But, your eternal friend, the ocean, has smiled on your visit home.
    Very pleased that you and Sal have crossed paths. CUOTO…🇺🇸⚓️

  5. "Yo Jay, its a freaking baby whale.." Oceanic sunfish, mola mola, and they do get huge. If you do some digging there are pictures online of one landed in NJ that was huge and on Catalina there's several pictures including one with Zane Grey with sunfish on the scales. Massive 10 foot one. They do eat jellyfish and balloons are a huge threat to them because of that. Wildest thing though is that they can supposedly jump. An old captain I worked for had seen it multiple times though I only ever saw one small push from one. They're very friendly and curious and would regularly show up when we drifted for sharks. They'd swim right up to the boat, usually after getting us all wound up thinking we saw a shark but its just the pet fun of theirs flopping at the surface.

  6. Great drone work Capt., your getting pretty good with it, It is always nice to go home again, I have visited my childhood home and all the really big hills we used to sled on have flattened out considerably and now are far smaller then I remember as a child. Thanks for the clip CUOTO

  7. Wow, I think I stumbled upon your other channel after randomly watching large engine starts… then got interested in your work and what tug boats do… and now I have to say, this is some of my favorite content of yours – getting to see parts of the world I've never seen along with witty and interesting commentary! Thanks again Tim for another wonderful episode 🙂

  8. It's good to see my home state from the water again. I have a sun fish story. Some may think it is sad, but to my family it isn't. One of my brothers died in 2007. He had worked on a dragger for years before he took ill and wanted his ashes spread over a particular fishing ground. We, his siblings, boarded a lobster boat at Five Islands and we took off to the area. I don't remember where it was now, but it was an hour and a half offshore. It was a nice dry ride out. Anyway, while we were on the spot saying our goodbyes, a huge sunfish surfaced and did a little fin flip. I took it as his welcoming Victor home.

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