Navigație singură și pentru prima dată când îmi ancorau barca cu pânze de 31 de picioare într-un port nou! | Căpitan Christa|

Navigație singură și pentru prima dată când îmi ancorau barca cu pânze de 31 de picioare într-un port nou!  |  Căpitan Christa|

În acest videoclip, navighez singur cu barca mea Hunter de 31 ft către un nou port! Îl dau înapoi, ridic pânzele, pun un fir de pescuit și mă îndrept spre Newport Beach! Odată ajuns în Newport, arunc pânzele și mă îndrept spre zona de ancorare care este PLINĂ DE BĂRCI! L-am înconjurat și am găsit un loc și apoi am ancorat singur pentru prima dată într-un nou port! A fost stresant, dar am făcut-o! Am stat peste noapte pe carlig si a doua zi dimineata am prins o raza nasului de lopata! După ce am stat puțin în Newport, merg acasă și, din păcate, nu am avut mult vânt. Odată ce mă întorc la Dana, poți să mă vezi SOLO care îmi acostează barca! Asigurați-vă că vă abonați pentru a mă urmări în călătoria mea! În următorul videoclip voi naviga spre Insula Catalina! Mulțumim pentru vizionare! daca ai ajuns pana la baza descrierii, te rog sa-mi lasi un comentariu si sa-mi spui pentru ca iti voi raspunde!


23 thoughts on “Navigație singură și pentru prima dată când îmi ancorau barca cu pânze de 31 de picioare într-un port nou! | Căpitan Christa|

  1. Christa, you should acquire a pole for your jib or a spinnaker pole to pole out the jib and keep it from flapping. Wing on wing sailing can get you more speed. You might want look into a asymmetrical spinnaker (cruising spinnaker) also. Keep cruising, you are doing great.

  2. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us Christa, I really like to watch videos from people who are starting or learning like me. I can definitely identify myself in some of those situations and also the feelings. Especially, when approaching the destination, there's always a bit of anxiety with whatever may happen. However, if I may… there are a couple of observations/suggestions I would like to do. I normally prepare everything I can, when still docked. For instance, removing the main cover, attach the main halyard and, everything else that can be done with the boat still on the dock. The only thing I leave in place are the fenders. Although, I could take them out, something may happen between the dock and the sailing ground so, better to leave them there. The second suggestion is when arriving to your destination, whether is an anchorage, a mooring buoy or a dock, prepare your things in advance. If I would be you in this case, I would have prepared my anchor before arriving to the anchoring spot. And by that I mean, put your anchor already a bit above water level, that way, when you find the right spot, you just drop it on the water and loose less time. In the video, I could see the boat swinging while you were preparing the ground tackle. Anyways… this is how I operate and in the short time I own a boat, it has been very helpful and stress free.

    Keep going and continue to share more videos with us!

    Pedro (SV Tulip)

  3. Awesome video. Your upbeat attitude is contagious. Also, you did a great job handling everything solo. I grew up around boats, and owned/own quite a few of all sizes over the years. Currently I only have a 18ft bass boat. My plan is to eventually buy another boat big enough to live on comfortably. For now I enjoy watching channels such as yours.

  4. Did you find out what was up with the people that left their boat for hours? Towards the end of your video they had a center console on one side, a dingy on back and the harbor patrol on the other side. Did they get in trouble, or fined? I don't see many anchorages that have a limit on how long your aloud to go to shore.

  5. Nice work!!! We recently started sailing, bought a Catalina, invested in the repairs and hurricane Ian has severely damaged her. We are heading south this week to start doing the repairs needed, so we can get back out asap. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to watching more.

  6. If you want to learn about anchoring. Watch Capt Rick Moore on SV Sophisticated lady. Episode 180 something. I recommend it for sure. First time watching your video but you do a great job. 👍👍🍺🍺😁

  7. Christa,
    I just came across your video , I like all your enthusiasm when you are out sailing , I can just feel the fun you are having . And … Yeeessss … you will love the sail to Catalina . I was born out there in good old Cali. and miss Newport so very much , yes a lot of misspent youth out there . Sailing , surfing , diving.
    North Star

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