Londra la Dover. Navigare 22 de ore

Londra la Dover.  Navigare 22 de ore

Plecând prin Tamisa și în Dover. Dacă ești interesat să contribui, link-urile pentru venmo, patreon sau paypal sunt mai jos: https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2372932546330624672 https://www.patreon.com/samholmes https://cash.app /$SamHolmesSailing https://www.paypal.me/soarsail Bitcoin: bc1q23xsnagqat94tcu6tr40zcj504njlzqq2hg39c Urmărește-mă pe instagram @SamHolmesSailing samholmessailing@gmail.com


20 thoughts on “Londra la Dover. Navigare 22 de ore

  1. I can't believe you stood so close to the edge of that cliff at Dover – they are chalk and crumble like cheese – you really shouldn't get that close! Great film – this is my country and the Thames Estuary is probably one of the worst places to see! Hope you get to nicer places like Lymington, Dartmouth and Salcombe!

  2. videos are getting shorter and shorter and farther between!?!?! what's goin' on Sam….. you need to cross an ocean or somethin'… miss your marathon sessions. did i miss something? how was London?

  3. Hey Sam, great stuff, mate. Greetings from Australia. Might be tricky, but when next sailing, or working on your yacht, mount a cam on the stern somewhere so's we can view some raw sailing/maintenance footage. That would awesome.

  4. Man, you’re always so happy, it’s super contagious! Your videos inspired me many years ago. And I haven’t been able to keep up on them since I started living the dream myself.
    But it’s nice to come back once in a while and check out what you’re up to.
    Keep up the great work ✌🏼

  5. Hi Sam, I tried to follow you on AIS when you're sailing. But your boat name "Pickled Herring" is not found on one of the special AIS apps. Greetings from the Netherlands…

  6. It's funny, I found your channel while looking at Pacific crossings and here you are docked where I live!

    I hope you enjoyed navigating perhaps the most historic waterway in the world

  7. Guaranteed you were boarded by the police because you are an American sailor. Checking for guns, blades, and drugs most like. Probably just a vibe check but at the same time British police are well known to take things too far for the wrong reasons. Have too many cooking knives? Any filet or utility knives on your belt? A spear gun for fishing? A flare pistol? All of that could have been a reason to confiscate you and your boat and arrest you.

  8. Another great sail.
    Be careful where you fly drones though, the Port of Dover is a big restricted no-fly zone and you could have got in a bit of trouble if caught.
    Drone Assist is a good app that shows you the restriction zones for the UK.

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