Navigarea spre insula Feroe – Ep 107

Navigarea spre insula Feroe - Ep 107

Navigam cu monococa din Stornoway, Scoția, până în Insulele Feroe. Fereastra noastră de vreme a arătat bine, dar vela noastră ajunge să fie puțin mai agresivă decât ne-am anticipat înainte de a ajunge la Suduroy. Navigam apoi in jurul Insulelor Feroe de la Suduroy la Torshavn, Streymoy, capitala. VIDEO NOI ÎN FIECARE VINERI! Vă rugăm să vă abonați și să distribuiți videoclipurile noastre – fiecare sprijin este foarte apreciat, ne continuă călătoria și conținutul să vină! MÂNERELE NOASTRE DE TROLIU – The Flipper by Easysea – Folosiți codul nostru de cupon: JIBSEA10 pentru o reducere de 5%! o achiziție efectuată prin link-ul de mai jos ajută la sprijinirea călătoriei noastre fără costuri suplimentare pentru dvs. 🙂 APARATORUL NOSTRU – SeaWaterPro AC Double Membrane – o achiziție efectuată prin linkul de mai jos ajută la susține călătoria noastră fără costuri suplimentare VIZITĂȚI MAGAZINUL NOSTRU DE SWAG – arătați-vă sprijinul față de canalul nostru dând niște lucruri interesante 😎 DACĂ DORIȚI SĂ SUSȚINEȚI CĂLĂTORIA NOASTRA – primiți actualizări exclusive și filmări bonus ALTE MODALITĂȚI DE A NE SPRINI – pentru a contribui o singură dată pentru a ne susține călătoria și pentru a canaliza PayPal: https:/ / Interac E-Transfer: VREI MAI MULT? Urmărește-ne AICI https:/ / #sailing #faroeislands #scotland #travel #torshavn


25 thoughts on “Navigarea spre insula Feroe – Ep 107

  1. Great video as always. Trav, just take your time, go slow. And if it's not working the way you want when docking, pull out and come back at it. It's not a race. Having Steph on the dock to catch a line can be a great way to go. But for sure the radio is needed.

  2. Just discovered your channel. Very enjoyable! good luck out there! Quick question: is there a video or description somewhere of how you have your inflatable secured to your stern? Looks very creative. Something I might like to copy on my sailboat. Many thanks

  3. We met a sailor, when we first bought our boat, that solo handed a Swan 65. His approach to the dock was always in reverse, stern-in. One shot…stepped off midship…secured a spring line…then gracefully stepped back aboard…and shut it down.

    After witnessing this day after day, I told him that I hoped to have his skill and confidence around a marina one day. What he said to me, I’ve never forgotten. “Still scares the shit out of me. Don’t get comfortable, ever! If your heart is not in your throat, when you’re handling a sailboat in tight quarters, you have no business being out here.”

    Great job, Steph & Travis. Your nerves are both warranted and refreshing.

  4. I hope you use your time in Scandinavia good and practice boat maneuvering and docking in tight spots – as often as you can. There's plenty nice places here on west/south coast of Norway all the way down and up west/east coast of Sweden, and then you have Denmark where you always need a beer before docking.

  5. Another suggestion for docking, especially in a place for the first time, is to set up fenders, bow, stern, and mid-ship lines on BOTH sides of the boat. This way you can dock port or starboard in case your first plan doesn’t work out. Also, don’t hesitate to bail out of a docking in progress if things don’t look good. Last suggestion is to do a “fly-by” of the dock so you can better assess the situation without the pressure of actually docking. Then turn and come back to dock after determining if you have the best plan.

  6. Glad you made it there , I did warn you a bit 🙂 Though not as bad as I thought .
    Rocking and rolling there , a joy to make food with , even if you have stuff on gimbals ?
    Is the fan at the back your WSI ? Did I see it almost stop ? 🙂
    Lucky with a mooring by a day 🙂
    And the currents , 🙂 not always above the water line 🙂
    Wind changes , do you have to re rig often ?
    Nice to have sushi on board , what else do you eat ? I get bored on dry land 🙂
    Mooring is such an issue too 🙂
    In very cold temps 7 c ?
    I have to be careful reverse parking , quick getaway , not so with yachts 🙂
    I did see someone moving about on the deck , a bit 🙂
    Before getting out , some time sleeping ? Look forward to your tour around town etc .
    Where to next ? Back through that balmy sea , or off to the Fjords ?

  7. My wife and I flew to The Faroe Islands on September 5th and flew to Copenhagen on the 10th. Our tour company canceled a post tour to the Faroes so we decided to do it on our own. We were awe struck with the beauty of the islands. We felt quite adventurous until I found your site and your approach by sail. Wow, very impressive. We are now subscribed and look forward to following your travels. God Speed.

  8. the ship that normally goes from Torshavn to Suðuroy with passengers gets there in a little over 2 hours and it goes quite a lot faster than you do, so 4 hours isn't all that bad.

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