Reparând barca noastră cu pânze de 1 euro | PĂSĂRĂ DE MARE SAILING Ep. 12

Reparând barca noastră cu pânze de 1 euro |  PĂSĂRĂ DE MARE SAILING Ep.  12

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46 thoughts on “Reparând barca noastră cu pânze de 1 euro | PĂSĂRĂ DE MARE SAILING Ep. 12

  1. Hey guys here from the USA PA I do t need you to reply back to this comment that I'm about to give you guys ❤️ I know you must have so much more to do I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting your life out on multimedia and sharing it with the world 🌎 I'm glad to see your town are ok 👍🏽 doing well & are back to keep making amazing videos you guys make it look so easy but you can see sometimes you guys look overwhelmed just remember whatever you do I'm going to always love the decision you made for yourself and your life I don't think you'll never get a negative comment from me just positive just remember you have both for you lean on one another when it gets hard love you both ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾👍🏽

  2. Cut an old cotton T-shirt into strips and stuff into the holes on the keel leaving a tail sticking out and this will allow the water to wick out of them once the cotton has dried out you'll know the keel is also dry

  3. Love your videos – you are such a well grounded couple! A word of warning: Financial armageddon is almost upon us all. Have some extra canned food, rice and water to get you through a month of uncertainty when the time arrives, at the most a few weeks away, until things get sorted out financially. Power may not be available – so just be prepared and remember when the Banks go down, cash will be king – so have some cash handy, and good luck!

  4. If it's not to late or in the future stop drill the cracks (drill a hold at each end) to arrest the progress of the crack. If it's just jell-coat It's probably not important bit if it's structural fiberglass a good idea.

  5. Hi ! great video ! lot's getting done ! Marina looks amazing even working while not feeling 100% Stuart is i fiberglass expert ! keep the smiles!

  6. You have to do a vid on how you live in a torn apart boat on the hard while working on it at the same time. Cooking, sleeping, hanging out all those daily living things. And can’t wait till you start grinding at that keel.

  7. I admire your painting the lamps instead of tossing them in the rubbish bin as many would do. You can replace the incandescent bulbs with LED replacements and they will be as modern as a 30 euro lamp.. Well done… Joe

  8. The boat is looking better every episode, the lights look much better… good to see a realistic project, keeping things affordable is much better to watch, than the big budget projects…

  9. That's the spirit guys… weather is looking nice over there too! I still find it hard to believe you found a genuine ******FREE****** 41ft 'ocean shredder' just sitting there waiting for you both to jump right on in head first… whilst taking us all along for the ride too of course!
    The 41ft, 1€ = $1= £1 Blue Water Sailboat Channel 'rocks'!
    Be nice if you guys had a 'bash' at 'Going Live' now???

  10. Hi. I had another thought on your wet keel problem. The moisture in your keel cavity did not come from outside the boat, it came from the bilge. After the hull was molded, they put a load of fiberglass mush and catalyst resin in the keel cavity and then dropped the lead in. Finally they glassed over the top and it is that floor that has been penetrated. Now you have the tanks out, this is the time to grind off the contaminated surface glass and recover it with new. I'm sure you will find that prior owners have screwed bilge pumps and hoses into the original floor and this is how the water gets in. Now is the time to do it!

  11. all looking great ……. One day you will look back and think oh what a time we had ! hahaha .. sitting on a lovely white sandy beach with beautiful blue water dinking your Pina Cola-da's laughing ! 🥰🤪

  12. Just wondering why you had to put cracks in the side of the boat then to just fill the holes back in for?? How long to you think it will take you both to repair your boat?? Great video i am learning a lot from watching your videos . wish you both many blessings. Peace

  13. As for your keel you might want to watch Barefoot Travels season 2 about a year ago re refoaming a keel. Your on a bigger scale but it might give you some idears. keep up the good work and "Bollocks to the nay sayers".

  14. Ciao ragazzi. Vi seguo dall'Italia(anche se adesso sono a lavorare in Tunisia..!) Il bordo pieno di buchi,bisognava spianarlo con una smerigliatrice almeno mezzo centimetro e rifare e/3 strati di vetroresina. C'erano troppi buchi. E ne risente la nervatura strutturale!! E le lampade di ottone,SI LUCIDANO!!! NON SI VERNICIANO CRIMINALI!! Comunque siete fantastici!!PS:per fare le pezze di vetroresina sui buchi della chiglia, la fibra di vetro va sempre strappata e mai tagliata. Dove è possibile. Si amalgama meglio con quella vecchia..!!

  15. How nice you showed us all your cracks!!!! LOL I know its going to be a long haul to finish the boat but I get excited to see what all you guys have done each week. I hope Maria feels better soon. Keep the videos coming! God Bless. Hope you guys will add more stuff to the Amazon list. When you guys get the boat done are you going to get new matching tattoos to celebrate?

  16. I love the idea of having a creative project going in addition to the "must have" projects. Great idea, Stewart! Great job, Marina! Yay, Team Seabird! Sending you positive vibes from Texas!

  17. Check out a channel called barefoot travel .they had a similar problem with a cat with both hulls taking water .had it on the hard and does a really good explanation of fixing the keels.good luck

  18. Hi guys thank you once again for the great video love you enthusiasm towards the boat don’t listen to any negativity this will be your home just keep up the good work love and appreciate you both Cliff from Logan city Queensland Australia from the big island

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