Testul exterior ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 EVO electric (Learning By Doing Ep196)

Testul exterior ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 EVO electric (Learning By Doing Ep196)

https://www.epropulsion.com Această companie progresivă ne-a oferit unul dintre micile lor outboard-uri electrice și am profitat de șansa de a-l testa. A putea folosi barca noastră fără benzină și a încărca motorul de la panourile noastre solare la infinit a fost destul de intrigant. Fără bidoane mirositoare pe punte, niciun motor zgomotos care se strica din când în când, care să sune bine. Cum ne-a plăcut? Urmăriți până la sfârșit pentru a vedea secțiunea PRO și CONTRA. Enjoi. ⚓️Alătură-te ECHIPULUI nostru⚓️ Dacă îți plac videoclipurile noastre și apreciezi efortul depus pentru a le realiza, atunci poate că ai fi interesat să susții producția lor. Un pic merge mult Patronul nostru: https://www.patreon.com/SailingLearningByDoing Paypalul nostru: https://paypal.me/vernondeck?locale.x… Obțineți un tricou cu noul design Maries aici! https://teespring.com/stores/learningbydoing SUBTECH https://www.subtechsports.com Cod promoțional: teamsubtechvernon Reducere: 20% (livrare gratuită în toată lumea) Indiana Paddlesurf: https://shop.indiana-sup.ch VERNON10X (cod de reducere de 10%) Vă rugăm să vizitați: http://www.vernondeck.com INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/Vernondeck/ FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/WNrSV5


27 thoughts on “Testul exterior ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 EVO electric (Learning By Doing Ep196)

  1. Congrats for the new engine!
    If you'll rig it up to the sailboat, could you try for us, how it propels it as well? Would be interesting to see its max speed and how long it can do that. I am sure it will be slow, but the numbers will be useful for anyone thinking going electric. Thanks!

  2. Great episode lots of variety, sailing, reef, dinghy motor. Nice honest review, I'll certainly check out e-propulsion now. Nice you could approach the rays with it. I can see you will miss planing and long day trips but the convenience and predictability is a big deal. So on a passage do you keep all 3 pieces outside or keep at least 2 of them out of the elements ? (battery on trickle charge/maintenance?) Technology keeps advancing…those connectors need to be good if youll be breaking it apart over 10 years.

  3. I’ve also grabbed an eprop. Still early days for me, but I love the silence of the motor. 👍
    I agree with your points for improvements. I guess I’ll be carrying my battery to the pub 🤣

  4. I see someone commented about replacing the diesel with a electric motor . Like you said the price is ridiculous and Uma's motor is too small for ocean crossing for my liking . I couldn't imagine doing a Atlantic crossing with no wind for days and not having enough battery power to go hundreds of miles . I know you rather sail but when you have wind and current against you need a reliable diesel to push you through . Looks fine for a dingy though .

  5. I went in a similar direction… got a 70lbs thrust brushless trolling motor paired with a lithium battery pack ive built from recovered dyson cells. – ive got a charge controller in the battery pack so i can leave a little solar panel on the dinghy to top up the battery. So far ive spent $900 on this set-up. Love the newer generation electric outboards that are comming out now! Its the future for sure. Wish i could afford espirit.

  6. That's what I like about you mate, when you promote a product you give both sides of the story and an honest review when people give reviews based on honesty it allows the manufacturer to make improvements for the next model. I have been a subscriber to learning by doing since you first kicked off, you have come a long way. Now you have a misses and sharing your adventures with someone.
    She's a keepa mate. You two are 2 peas in a pod. Looking forward to your next vid. Good on ya! 😉

  7. Good review and you've got a few good points for improvement. It will be interesting to see how the regen goes. I'm wondering if it might have too much drag under regen for smaller trailer sailers that don't go much faster than 4 knots most of the time anyway. Also if the engine can turn 360 degrees, it might be worth testing if it's more efficient under regen with the engine (and the prop) facing backward. I'm pretty sure the prop would be more efficient facing the flow of water. You might get regen to start at lower speeds that way and maybe even charge faster if the prop turns faster at the same boat speed. Could be an interesting comparison for a future vid. Or it could make absolutely no difference and be a complete waste of time lol. Anyway thanks for the cool vids. 🇳🇿⛵👍

  8. Nice new Toy, i would like to know what is the real range on it? Fully charged and all weather conditions and see what the average is… next step dump the diesel and get an electric sail drive with regen…

  9. Good episode, but I have questions. How much run time did you get out of a full charge? What was your top speed? Can you purchase a spare battery? Id hate to be playing around not keeping track of my battery status and end up stuck. What kind of warranty does Epropulsion provide? You said it should last 10 years, how many charge cycles will the battery take?

  10. Another great video guys! I was worried – I thought your channel was flirting with the ‘this channel is brought to you by [insert gratuitous plug]’ without any value add or content. You really have pioneered a new formula I think – weaving a (very honest) product review into some stunning content is such a great way of doing things and yet another reminder of why I enjoy your channel so much. The Rocna episode was great too.
    It was interesting what you said about e-motors only on inland lakes in Australia. That’s the case where I sail in Canberra. It’s sail or e-motor only, with a very restrictive permit system for petrol motors (eg. safety boats, rowing coach and police boats)
    I hope you’re both doing ok being apart at the moment.

  11. We purchased an epropulsion 1+ (non regen) 2 years ago, we love it for the reasons you mentioned, quiet, easy, maintainability
    Totally worth it! Thanks for your initial review, molly & I believe you find it just as good 6 months, a year and longer from now. Love the channel, cheers

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