Dover spre Brighton

Dover spre Brighton

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45 thoughts on “Dover spre Brighton

  1. next time: Sam singlehandedly (literally, because his other hand is holding the camera) repairs the extensive damage to his grandmother's house, just in time to start his next adventure. 😀

  2. I know that diesel engine problems just too well. Get somebody to sponsor you for an electric engine. It is sooo much better. No more stinking diesel and fumes when you get the wind from behind. You have become a 100% sailor. Awsome to have watch your films all the way from the begining. Good winds!

  3. ahh man I can't believe you headed to Cowes! been following your channel for ages and it's my home town! hope you enjoyed your stay will look forward to the next video!!

  4. I had a fuel line fail on my boat and its filled the bilge with diesel. Nothing went overboard, and I was able to absorb it with those magic fuel absorbing pads, but man the smell of fuel was disheartening. I think I uses a lot of simple green to clean it up and some orange citrus cleaner to both clean and abate the diesel smell.

  5. I’ve finally caught up. Started watching from your Atlantic crossing and have been hooked ever since. I really want to get into sailing, but it’ll be a long road. Your videos really give me something to aspire to. Many thanks Sam.

  6. Hi Sam, I've really been inspired by your videos, so much so I've booked my first sailing lesson down here in Cornwall this weekend. From someone who has never set foot on a sailboat your videos have made something I always considered too out of reach for me into something that is attainable and a possible future lifestyle. So, thank you and keep up the great work. Wish me luck. G

  7. My once wife could juggle three balls and I tried but never got aa good.. YOU PUT HER OUT OF THE LEAGUE YOU'RE IN A NUMBER OF LEVELS!! with gaucoma and Wet Mac Deg in left eye EVEN with treatments I don't think I could even rise to Kirstens level…but I might try? Wow and you play the piano…the juggling I bet helps with hand fingers on the keys when playing… Good for you !! It was on my electric key board I figured out that a recently emptied flower pot (after killing the flower with too much watering I think?) I cleaned out the small.5" diameter bowl….washed it and rang it with a one ounce half empty plastic Listerene travel bottle and discovered the bowls note was 437 which then watching a science based YouTube video about the Big Bang or o prefer to call it either the Grand Awakening or Universal Bloosoming .. and the show and many meditation videos tell us the Universal still ringing pitch is 432Mhz and both 432 and 437 are in the range or key of A.. which my brother who likes modern symphonies says the all use the Key of A to tune to before the piece begins..I thought that was cool too and researched that more to verify …So NOW when I ring the once Miniature White Roses Bowl I hear the Beginning remnants still reverberating in the elements of Star, Planet and Galaxies .. as the Cosmic Microwave Background was discovered by Penzias and Wilson at Bell Labs (so fitting too) back in 1985 securing the hypothesis from the 1930's I think when they heard the CBMRadiatiin for the first time using a huge looking hearing device looking like the early cone like hearing devices Alexander Bell used .
    How do I go from juggling to hearing devices? I guess my mind knows how to juggle ideas and connections about …??? Maybe I can find juggling balls on Amazon !?

  8. hey Sam! some good quality jugging! how did you learn? for me i was a dishwasher at an Irish steakhouse in Tx and we juggled with the foil wrapped baked potatos after closing! they work well

  9. Good luck to you and your grandma on the repairs. She's lucky to have an energetic and brilliant grandson to help at this time. I very much appreciate your interesting and entertaining videos, Sam! And where else would I find a sailing channel with clips of juggling going on while underway on a sailboat? Dean

  10. Need to get those nav lights fixed. Coast guard requires a certain distance that they can be seen (I think 2 miles) and they may need to be certified to be used as nav lights.

    Love your videos though!!!!

  11. Real question… go to some areas I know there have been some piracy. Do you ever worry about that? Or is that just a problem for people with 60 foot yachts?

  12. Sam you just sailed into my home town Brighton. Used to be a member of Brighton sailing club . So nice to watch your channel very inspiring. Very envious of your travels and experiences. Thanks

  13. What marina in Amsterdam will you dock at? And when will you arrive? If it's Amsterdam Marina at NDSM (next to my house) I'll come say hi when you sail in 🙂 Maybe with a fresh cup of coffee?

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