Viața este ca navigarea – Croazieră de toamnă – Ep 01

Viața este ca navigarea - Croazieră de toamnă - Ep 01

Fără Patreon și fără reclame, doar conținut pentru a vă bucura. Dacă vrei să ajuți, apreciem TUMBS UP, COMENTARII și ca episoadele noastre să fie distribuite! Vă mulțumim că ați trecut și ne-ați urmărit aventurile navigabile. Alfy & Devlin s/v Northern Dancer V


23 thoughts on “Viața este ca navigarea – Croazieră de toamnă – Ep 01

  1. Great photography and editing. Got a great feel for where you were, what and why you chose to be there. Very enjoyable vid for a land lover. Had no idea boating, especially sailing boats, are as popular as seen in your vid. Thank you for taking the time to share your venture.

    From Missouri

  2. Nice boat!! Do you single hand typically? Would love to hear your commentary on what you are comfortable doing and not doing single hand on an exceptionally heavy full keel boat, and what techniques you use for some of the harder stuff!

  3. I want you to know that I do all my West Coast cruising vicariously on ND V. I'm so glad that this new season has begun. Could hardly wait to get back on the water🙂. What is the bottom like at these two harbours for anchoring? I expect you use a mooring buoy for convenience when single handed. Wish I was there to crew when needed.

  4. Alfy, As always you create the most beautiful videos. I could not believe how quick this trip was over but superior quality over quantity is great! Thanks for taking us along. Hi Devlin! 😉

  5. Good morning commander!
    We are from Brazil, we sail in the Bay of Paranaguá, to the south, you are invited to know, if you ever come to Brazil, look for us. Congratulations for the videos, they are great, we always follow.
    One question, my son is immigrating to Canada, we think about accompanying him in the future.
    Is it possible to live on board in Canada? Even in winter? Do you know people who live on board out there? And the Atlantic region, how is it to sail?
    Big hug, good winds my friend! If you want to know a little about our region and our history in sailing, visit:

  6. A friend sent me this video to check out and said I would recognize some folks, I was in the crew of cyclists around 8:50 mark in the video. I vaguely remembered seeing a man in the bushes with a camera that morning 😂

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