Vindem Barca + alte actualizări | Sălbatic navigație

Vindem Barca + alte actualizări |  Sălbatic navigație

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22 thoughts on “Vindem Barca + alte actualizări | Sălbatic navigație

  1. Nadiyana will regret the decision when she gets back to the reality of life in China! She will find it difficult to do business with people outside her home country as who would trust a young girl that cant even keep the commitment she made to her husband.
    Good luck Mark…. we've all seen you grow and mature through the channel, both as a man and a sailer so I'm sure you will be fine and have a successful life.

  2. I have been there Mark I feel for you buddy, it will get better trust me. I look forward to seeing you on the other side of this new boat and perhaps new love. take your time on both.

  3. It is with sadness that we part. I wish you and all your fans best wishes for the future. We will miss each other and the family that has gown from your initiative to share your lives. I am happy for Nadiyana to reunite with her family and I am sad for Mark to venture out on his own. Both of you are welcome in my life anytime it suits and paths cross. I will be in Rio Dulce, Guatemala this February and the adventure starts. If you are in the area, look up Swift, Catana 48, Nanajuana Marina. Much love to you both.

  4. Come on everyone, these guys are young, they have their whole world ahead of them. Yes, its sad to see this nice couple take a time out from all that they have done over the past couple of years. But their hearts are in the right place. I was always amazed at how much work Nadia was doing to prepare this ship wreck for the open seas. I often thought "not gonna happen", but they did it. I was truly amazed which really got me addicted to this Video. Thank you both for the entertainment that you have given to us all.
    Nadia missing her parents and friends for so long must have been hard, especially when Mark was able to spend time with his parents.I must have been heartbreaking, in a silent kind of way for her. China is now open, and she should definitely go back and see her parents and share with them her very brave and adventurous tales of life on the sea.I wish I'd been given the same opportunity when I was younger.
    Hey guys, this is a great time in your life, make the most of it, you'll always be together in your hearts, which is what really counts.
    Peace and good luck to you both, and please be careful!

  5. Keep the channel going Mark. Sorry to see the split up. I will be watching and hoping you can share your new adventure on hunting, buying, fixing up a mono. Chin-up, shoulders back Mark, you go t this.

  6. My wife and I have enjoyed your channel for many years as you have entertained us with your adventures. It is sad that it has come to this parting (at least for now) at what is clearly a personal cost for both of you. We are confident that doors will open for you both as you seek your own paths and goals. We wish you both fair winds and following seas and hope that we will be able share your future successes should the fates allow it.

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