Cu o singură mână și înclinându-mi pantalonii | The Last Wildlings Sailing

Cu o singură mână și înclinându-mi pantalonii |  The Last Wildlings Sailing

Sfârșitul unei aventuri epice împreună. Marks New Instagram: @boat.fella Link de clic: Noul e-mail al lui Mark: Nadiyanas Instagram: @na_tangtang Link de clic: /na_tangtang Nadiyanas e-mail: E-mail de contact pentru Franz’s Westerly: The Sailing Fraternity Instagram’s Huschke: Franz: https://instagram .com/franziscainetattoos?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


27 thoughts on “Cu o singură mână și înclinându-mi pantalonii | The Last Wildlings Sailing

  1. Mark and Nadyana, thank you so much for allowing us along on the sailing adventure you have been on. You are both fantastic people and life is all about change and how we adapt to each one that comes our way. Looking ahead for where you go from here so keep us posted when you can. You are part of all our lives now and I wish you both the very best!

  2. Thanks for all the share of your videos. I will follow you both on instagrams and if you change your mind to keep Yoshi and please put him on life jacket. Pretty pleaseeeeeee… Cuz made me nervous to see Yoshi fall without life jacket. Hopefully you get my words. Much appreciate. 🙏🏼💕

  3. God bless you both, may He bless your hands in all you endeavours and protect you from the negative forces and words against your lives, You both have a great future ahead of you and this situation will only spring board and propel you to your ultimate purpose. May God bind your lives together with His love.

  4. I VOTE NO !!! We don't have time for this going off living your own life CRAP. You 2 best figure out you soft spoken couple was made for each other. Until then yes drop a short video from time to time.

  5. Many try , few succeed . Live life while you can for one day you too will be old and regrets last forever . The again so do Pension Plans and Grand KIds . We come in naked and afraid and we go out the same way . What happens in the middle is what is important to each of us as individuals . God Bless you both ,may you find love and peace ☮

  6. The first book I read a a kid was "the boy who sailed around the world alone". Mark, live that life for yourself!!! In bad seas remember to tether yourself to the boat, for that matter most of the time when you are not near shore. It may seem crazy but if there is no one around then you must!, for moms sake. If you still can, keep Yoshi.

  7. Mark… this channel is worth more than the boat. Please keep this going weekly, even if not sailing. We know you are aiming to get back on the water, so we want to follow the journey. Do not let the channel die…. keep on! This is a lifestyle, but also… a channel with 63k followers is a CAREER… that will subsidize your love of sailing.

  8. Please keep the channel going, would love to see your new adventures! Should be called Wildings adventures… Could be camping or van life or anything else… You'll still have a bit following and would be a shame to loose it!

  9. Mark, don't let get go. If you do, get your Atlantic crossing bug out of your system, and then go after her! You'll regret not going after her more than you'll regret leaving full time sailing. She loves you, it's so obvious!

  10. I've been watching y'all a long enjoyed all your adventures..I wish you both the very best on whatever paths you follow..look forward to seeing new adventures when your ready…Mark i hope you deside to keep yoshi…fair winds and following seas….be well.

  11. I would like to touch your heart. You can become a world greatest story teller of sailing. She was a good lady but family ties needs her heart. Keep your little mate and sheep helped me. Now I have a little cat. Follow your dreams the world out there to make stories. Many people love you both. But now it's your time. Find that boat, see the best, make the best. You are the best. Russell.

  12. Good luck to you both , thank you for giving me stability in my life when I needed it . I'm good , your good , we're one big virtual family , all the Vloggers and all the viewers , all on the same page .🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  13. there are many boats for sale in greece, i found mine on a island, not so direct to flights. maybe a scooter and a bit of boat journeys, you may find one that has been loved and not neglected. Stay strong

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