Navigare spre apus

Navigare spre apus

Reclamanta spune că ea și pârâta erau prieteni și au plecat într-o croazieră. Fiul ei a fost implicat într-un accident îngrozitor și ea nu a mai putut merge, dar pârâta a luat partea plătită reclamantei și a dat-o altcuiva. Ea dă în judecată pentru banii înapoi. Pârâta spune că linia de croazieră a anulat rezervarea deoarece reclamantul a încetat să facă plăți. A trebuit să se chinuie să găsească pe cineva care să acopere factura și nu datorează nimic. Ea dă în judecată pentru avarie la vehicul și hărțuire. Cazul #25328 #PeoplesCourt #RealityTV #Court


28 thoughts on “Navigare spre apus

  1. I can tell she keyed that Car by the way she piped down. She was loud and strong the whole case then tried to “control” herself to be more believable to say she ain’t key it.

  2. Plaintiff keyed the car is my bet. I think JM is right. She called to get her money back and found out she couldn’t. And what the heck does trying to shame her about a tummy tuck say about her character

  3. No doubt in my mind the plaintiff keyed the car and slashed the tires. Also, she should have practiced walking in her new pair of shoes before she went to court, she looked all sorts of hurting and wobbling

  4. When going on a cruise if you back out and no one else can go you lose anyway. Unless you have insurance. The other person will have to eat it and she would lose her money too. So no she shouldn't get her money back.

  5. The plantiffs comment on tummy tucks and menopause was uncalled for. She is out there body shaming like a real ass bully. Shame on her.
    Defendant. You look good. You were in the right. Leave that ugliness behind.

  6. The plaintiff mentioning her “tummy tuck” and “menopause” is already very telling of how vindictive and spiteful she is. She didn’t have to air out her business like that just cause they’re no longer friends. I believe she keyed her car. Smh.

  7. I feel like the defendant once you let me know you aren't going I am not following up with you. I am going to do what I need to do so I don't lose my money. How was it shasty when you said enjoy your trip??trio??? And then she's talking about her tummy tuck and menopause…huhhh mam

  8. She could have gotten her money off back from the get-go if she just submitted to the cruise line that she had an emergency crisis but Anton benefit from the money she paid so and she didn't make a deal with him so she should be able to get her money back from old girl

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