Circumnavigarea eșuează! Toate T#*t care au mers prost!

Circumnavigarea eșuează!  Toate T#*t care au mers prost!

Abonați-vă la Aceasta este povestea noastră, o poveste a patru suflete care navighează în jurul lumii. Este o poveste despre navigație și călătorie și aventură. Dar este și o poveste despre întâlnirea cu oameni minunați și despre a-ți face prieteni pe viață. Este o poveste a oamenilor care își trăiesc viața într-un mod alternativ, în strânsă legătură cu oamenii frumoși și planeta uimitoare pe care le numim acasă. Experiența noastră ne-a afectat atât de profund încât dorim să o împărtășim, în speranța că alții vor găsi inspirație pentru a-și urma visele și a face ceea ce le place. Pentru mai multe navigații în jurul World Action! Alătură-te Tribului SV Delos! – Echipament pentru cameră! – Sprijină-ne pe Patreon pentru filmări nevăzute. – Abonați-vă la noul nostru site minunat – Urmărește-ne pe Instagram pentru mai multe imagini din culise – Apreciază-ne pe Facebook http: // – Dacă vă place ceea ce vedeți, trimiteți-ne unul rece 😉 – Susține-ne și cumpără un tricou dulce Delos! Trimite-ne dragoste. Iubim navigația, adorăm călătoriile și adorăm să facem videoclipuri despre asta! Suntem doar la jumătatea drumului în jurul lumii, așa că mai sunt multe de văzut! Sprijinul dvs. va finanța echipamente de cameră mai bune, internet pentru a încărca videoclipuri și, desigur, lubrifianți creativi pentru a ușura procesul de editare 🙂 Sprijiniți videoclipurile noastre – Cumpărați-ne unul rece. Acest lucru este posibil de TU! Așa că vă mulțumim foarte mult pentru toată dragostea și sprijinul pe care ni le transmiteți! Inseamna mult! Multă dragoste, Karin, Brian, Brady și Blue! SV Delos


44 thoughts on “Circumnavigarea eșuează! Toate T#*t care au mers prost!

  1. A fair transcription of Ramukanji, for anyone interested. I'd say Delos helped fulfill the dream in OneTox's song, while fulfilling their own. A very fitting track!

    Ramukanji ramu liki ramu qole ramu so so

    Gam to ram si male

    Gam to ram si male, male ra

    One Tox represents Solomon Island people see

    We peoples style originally from my homeland

    Like my old man say theres nothing impossible

    So we hafi bring this

    Message to me brother lyrical

    Straight from the crew, out to the blue

    We represent the voices of our ancestors calling

    And now it's getting worse

    My culture is falling

    So now we have to step up fast for the past when it's callin'

    So it's down with the start

    Ain't nobody gonna stop us

    People, everybody listen to us for a start

    No point in complaining unless we are partaking

    We represent the cause of the ones fallen

    We represent true art

    When we bust the line with lyrics from the heart

    No, there's never gonna be another

    Everybody stop portraying under cover

    Ramukanji ramu liki ramu qole ramu so so

    Gam to ram si male

    Gam to ram si male, male ra

    Yeah what we stand for

    See what we strive for

    All these lyrics stressing out struggles in a metaphor

    We been through it all

    Every day, crying

    But we held on to that one silver line

    Hoping and praying

    That one day we'll be heard

    The signs that we illustrate when no words can be said

    If you could take your time

    To stop and feel

    The pain and the scars

    That have already been healed

    We bear the stakes to retrieve the context

    As we take another step for a bullet train race

    With all due respect to all those before us

    Hold up the names in the marks of our ancestors

    And if the fall was up to the call

    Believe with all our heart so we can take control

    Oh, we can make it

    Oh, oh, we can make it

    If you let us be what we can be

    Now we can take it

    Ramukanji ramu liki ramu qole ramu so so

    Gam to ram si male

    Gam to ram si male, male ra

    Rewind, remix

    Ramukanji, we hafi take it back

    Rewind, remix

    Ramukanji, we have to take it back to

    Okay, man

    This P2A, man

    Me, ya

    Me confirm, man

    For remixm disla song, ya

    Me no care if you come from the sun

    Or you come from the moon

    Ramukanji in te house

    Everybody kam banga now

    Ramukanji ramu liki ramu qole ramu so so

    Gam to ram si male

    Gam to ram si male, male ra

    Ramukanji ramu liki ramu qole ramu so so

    Gam to ram si male

    Gam to ram si male, male ra

  2. I have to say that the lack of video and audio quality in this piece compared to what you typically produce is glaring. This is no where near your usual standard. I realize that it was a live event, but still…

  3. as a boater in south Florida most of my life being on or around the ocean learning to water ski and more water sports as I grew up here I enjoyed your diving around the world with lots of great edits of them that you have shared. Nice to see your families together even if just a boat show and being with other sailer. Nice to see all you have done to share them with all the world too.

  4. This video adds the explanation I always wondered about: why aren't there Delos videos going back to the beginning? Turns out it is because it didn't start out nearly as well managed as it seems now. Probably they got really proficient at galley watches, helm watches, etc. somewhere along the way. It also seems magical how well it works especially when I watch any other boat crew at work.

    Jordan is a magical presence. She stands out in so many ways.

  5. You were able to put a lot of numbers to the distance you covered and places you saw during this incredible journey, but there’s no way you could ever measure the number of people you’ve touched and lives you’ve changed along the way. Raising a glass high to the entire Delos crew for a job well done. Fair winds and following seas on your second trip around this magnificent rock. May you always feel the love and appreciation of us, your loyal, land-dwelling followers.

  6. I did not make this presentation but I was at the Annapolis boat show. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with both Brady and Blue on Sunday. I just had say that after both had been at the show all week, talking to hundreds of people, they both took the time to talk with us. Not once did we we feel they were rushing through, couldn't wait to leave or anything.
    These are the most true and nicest people. This is why I watch both channels, buy the merchandise, watched the 80 north series and support them any way I can.

  7. Hello Delos! Brian Karen Brady 💙 thanks so much for this video, it was great to watch. And following you guys for years now. An awful lot of life lessons, and all those decisions that we make. Keep on sailing that great vessel Delos!

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