La revedere Rangiroa, navigare către atolul Tikehau din Tuamotus

La revedere Rangiroa, navigare către atolul Tikehau din Tuamotus

Episodul #262: Sezonul 9: Aventurile din Pacificul de Sud Bună ziua, Prieteni, Luându-mi rămas bun de la Rangiroa, am urcat și am făcut loc pentru Pasul Avatoru pe apă slăbită și m-am bucurat de o trecere ușoară către atolul Tikehau. Făcându-mi drum prin trecătoare și în josul fairway-ului, am ancorat chiar lângă satul Tuherahera. Dacă vă place canalul, vă rugăm să „Like” videoclipurilor și să vă abonați pentru a nu pierde niciun episod viitor. Dacă vi se pare că videoclipurile sunt utile sau distractive și doriți să contribui, puteți deveni Patron la: sau dacă preferați să faceți o contribuție o singură dată, o puteți trimite prin PAYPAL la jamesthesailorman Fair Winds, James ALĂTURĂ-TE ECHIPULUI PATREON: Patreon: Site: Tracker: /Triteia Instagram:


44 thoughts on “La revedere Rangiroa, navigare către atolul Tikehau din Tuamotus

  1. I don't have your experience and my boat is a couple of feet shorter than yours. Here in winter the seas can be quite difficult, basesd on the west of Scotland.
    I'm trying to gauge what i can sail. Whats the highest waves you have had to contend with to date.. Do you sail into them or with them?

  2. Hi James how’s everything going it looks good how is Kimberly going have you heard from her love your videos keep up the good work Cliff from Logan city Queensland Australia from the big island

  3. When you think of stuff like rainbows and thunder and lightning, its no wonder that people hundereds of years ago believed in all the mythical stuff. They had no Idea what caused that stuff. I have a really cool world globe and it says on it that the curvature of the earth makes the surface of the ocean drop 8 feet every 10 miles. So if you see somthing 10 miles away there's 8 feet of it below the horizon.

  4. Wow, beautiful place French Polynesia it's a true dream… Thanks James for sharing your life with us… Truly amazing seeing it thru your eyes! Appreciate the wisdom you share along the way!! Fare winds an following sea's my friend ✌🏼💗😊❣️

  5. This video reminds me when i was on the helm of a small container ship steering south pass into kwajalein atoll. Then after they finished cargo ops we would shift over acroos the lagoon to ebeye. This is my favorite sailing channel. Good times.

  6. Got my its AWESOME – I like the light material – you are one of the few who have 3xxx and 4xxx for us big guys – thanks James now need you to do a coffee mug with logo – save travels shipmate Chief Mike USN RETIRED

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