RUBY ROSE 2 Catamaran: Răspundem la TOATE întrebările tale arzătoare!

RUBY ROSE 2 Catamaran: Răspundem la TOATE întrebările tale arzătoare!

Bun venit la episodul din această săptămână! Astăzi vă răspundem la întrebările arzătoare despre construcția catamaranului Ruby Rose 2. Aceste întrebări au fost trimise de uimitorii noștri Patroni, așa că le mulțumim! Multumesc pentru vizionare! Vă rugăm să vă abonați și să lăsați un comentariu ⛵️ Pentru a ne susține munca ❤️ 00:00 Intro 00:45 Turbinele eoliene sau hidrogeneratoarele sunt o opțiune pentru RR2? 01:42 Există software de programare de întreținere pentru 1370? 02:22 Vom avea camere montate pe RR2? 02:34 Este încă 1370 la fel de ușor cum a fost planificat inițial? 03:46 Instalați același solar ca și acum doi ani? 05:18 Sunt unitățile hibride sau motoarele electrice o opțiune pentru 1370? 07:10 Va fi un 1370 în Europa anul viitor? 07:18 Când vor stropi primele 5 carene? 07:38 1370 devine mai greu? 08:21 Cum afectează problemele lanțului de aprovizionare Seawind? 10:43 Va fi apă caldă solară? 10:54 Seawind va face teste în timpul probelor pe mare? Videoclipurile noastre sunt gratuite pentru toți să le vizioneze și vor fi întotdeauna. Cu toate acestea, avem o comunitate uimitoare de Patroni care, pentru costul unei cești de cafea pe lună, primesc tot felul de beneficii și avantaje. Acest sprijin ne permite să continuăm să vă aducem poveștile noastre, așa că mulțumiri URIAȘE pentru minunații noștri Patroni 😊 Faceți clic pe linkul de mai sus pentru a afla mai multe. Dacă Patreon nu este treaba ta, există o mulțime de alte modalități de a-ți arăta sprijinul (și nu te va costa nici măcar un ban): SOCIAL MEDIA Ne actualizăm Instagram aproape zilnic. Aceasta prezintă imagini cu noi, cu barca și cu împrejurimile noastre. Poveștile noastre de pe Instagram vă oferă o privire în „din culise” și vă reamintesc când apar noile noastre episoade, plus orice altceva ne-ar plăcea să documentăm! Link-ul este aici: Vrei să vezi blogul nostru? Toate intrările pe care le-am scris și toate călătoriile noastre înainte de a începe canalul nostru de Youtube? Ei bine, atunci aici trebuie să te uiți. De asemenea, vă puteți abona la newsletter-ul nostru! Vă interesează pagina noastră de Facebook? Din nou, postăm aproape zilnic cu poze, videoclipuri mici și povești din viața noastră de zi cu zi. Urmăriți-ne aici: Vrei să citești Tweeturile noastre? Imagini, videoclipuri și gândurile noastre, aproape zilnic? Ei bine, căutați aici: MUZICA Toate melodiile prezentate în acest episod sunt creditate la sfârșitul videoclipului, în ordinea în care apar. Obținem toată muzica noastră de la Epidemic Sound și Artlist. ⛵ – Despre noi: ⛵ – Contactați-ne: Bună ziua! Suntem Nick și Terysa și am devenit complet obsedați de ideea de a naviga în jurul lumii și de a împărtăși experiențele și informațiile noastre prin videoclipurile noastre despre stilul de viață cu navigație. Ne-am întâlnit călătorind prin India și am fost de acord rapid că, în loc să ne „instalăm” și să facem ceea ce fac majoritatea oamenilor normali, am vrut să călătorim și să ne aventurăm și am început poveștile noastre de aventură în stilul de viață cu navigație, de atunci, am muncit din greu pentru a realiza visele noastre, iar acum le trăim în sfârșit ca stil de viață de croazieră cu vele! Vrei să știi ceva despre stilul nostru de viață de navigație sau despre poveștile de aventură cu navigație? Trimiteți-ne un e-mail prin intermediul paginii de contact Sperăm să vă bucurați de ceea ce facem. Vă rugăm să vă abonați, să dați like și să distribuiți. Mulțumesc mult pentru vizionare! Vă rugăm să vă abonați, să lăsați un comentariu și să dați cu degetul mare.


36 thoughts on “RUBY ROSE 2 Catamaran: Răspundem la TOATE întrebările tale arzătoare!

  1. Every time we think we understand and know all about RR2, there are new and interesting things to learn. Very insightful and thank you for answering our questions.
    Love, Rob, Jouke and Tijger.

  2. Clearly there is a LOT of interest in electrification. (I know I am very interested in a hybrid drive.) It seems that Seawind and most other manufacturers are behind the curve on what customers want.

  3. Will this Catamaran Company Design a Race Catamaran ? And thought of coating the Anchor lock with a spray on rubber coating to protect the Hull and help in Clean up. Last in your Rear lockers yo have the Water drain Hose in the Way ( middle ) move it in the Back some you don’t came hitting it.

  4. It's fantastic that the manufacturer is providing this much support to your vlogs. I know it's in their best interest for future sales but even then, your guests so far have appeared very helpful and enthusiastic about being part of your channel. They are providing information that otherwise we the viewer would not have. The supply chain questions and answers for example were honest and off the cuff. Very much impressed with Seawind for their support. Thanks Nick!!

  5. I see you have selected most if not all questions that dont actually focus on design issue but merely accessories, rather than say the CAD stability tests and how this company will determine its vanishing stability, i should imagine on a Cat that major concerns would be capsize, if you remember years ago most CATs had floats on the top of their masts , i see in this day and age CAT accidents are much fewer, but this is the interesting thing for new designs

  6. As you noted, first minimizing power consumption is important. Are you using an energy efficient water maker such as Schenker or Spectra? Are you using an energy efficient AC such as the Mabru unit?

  7. Chris White designs the batteries to be under the water line so the compartments can be flooded automatically in case of fire. The Barefoot doctor's Leopard 500 burned at the dock with no one on board. Their insurance company gives them heartburn over paying the claim. The longer they drag their feet the more money they can make on the money that they should have received. On the subject of graphene. The reason you don't hear much about it is because every modern country in the world is working feverishly behind the signs to mass produce this product. The only place this product is used is in the oxidized form of razorblades in the woo jab.

  8. Great info as always Mike and Nick.
    So many questions about Green Energy which would be cool if the tech was actually there to make it more practical and less costly to the planet.

    Green Energy Truth and Rebuttal…

    If only there was an easy way to reclaim all the toxic strip mines the materials, (rare earth metals), for all these so called "Green" solutions come from. You'd also need to factor in all the huge toxic waste produced that all these again "Green" solutions are creating at the end of their short service lives. Then as well as let's think about the disruption and death of wildlife, it isn't just birds and bats. Nor should we forget to mention the huge "Carbon Footprint" that goes into the whole operation of their production that they can never recoup in their relatively short service lives. Oh and let's not forget what is basically slave as well as child labor in the third world country's strip mines I mentioned before and the cost in quality of life for those people as well as the many deaths that occur as a result. As of now all of these "Green Solutions" are nothing more than one huge virtue signal that makes those implementing them "Feel Good", (or gains them power), and allows them to think because of it they have the moral high ground. While at the same time we will soon be facing things such as a "Carbon Tax" as normal everyday people as just yet another form of control and to drive profit. None of it is being done for the betterment of the planet or the people even though that is how it's being sold to everyone.

    This coming winter because of these so called "Green Directives" in EU Member States we will see far, far to many deaths from the cold which was a thing of the past because some nations have decided to sacrifice their energy production all in the name of "Green". Look for all of those deaths to be blamed on the war in Ukraine and evil Russia when the evil is in fact in your Nation's capitols, the UN and the EU. Sadly for now our so called "Green Technology" is just woefully lacking and can not provide anywhere near the amount of energy required to power our current civilization. Even if you added up the total capacity of all the windmills, solar farms and batteries on the planet it would only be enough energy to run civilization for a very brief time as in minutes without fossil and nuclear power as a backup. Fossil and Nuclear power have lifted millions if not billions out of abject poverty and now it is being demonized and restricted when it should be ramping up not down. Green Technology is a great dream and should continue to be developed and hopefully one day it will get there but right now it just isn't ready. As many in the EU/Europe are about to find out this winter and it's terribly sad what's going to happen.

    All it takes is just a little agency on one's part to look, I mean really look, into what I've said here to find the truth in all of it. It is not conspiracy as the media, so called fact checkers, governments and the brainwashed cultists would have you believe. Please when you have a minute dig a little on the things I've said and hopefully it will open the eyes of those who have them shut. Sadly for now our so called "Green Technology" is just woefully lacking and can not provide anywhere near the amount of energy required to power our current civilization.

  9. Nick: Norman Cook here wondering if you have time to communicate with me persuant to earlier transmittal, I just viewed your most recent video on Questions and there was a disparity in your saying you did not like New technology whereas Mile stated getting materials was some water better time wise from Start Ups pushing to deliver vrs trying to the usual suppliers meeting their world production.
    Again as a Educated Doctor of dental ,don't you utilized progressive medical 'tools'?

  10. If you have a down week and want a topic to cover, I would love to hear Mike talk about Corsair’s thoughts/intentions for cruising trimarans, something to compete with Dragonfly, Rapido, etc.

  11. Mike is so good with his explanations. Loads of thought-provoking questions and great answerers. from what you are saying splash day is only… "only" about 6mths away. As I said before, we're all good so long as my cabin is ready on time!! Stay Safe & Fair Winds!!

  12. I think he was getting a little impatient with the electric propulsion questions. Given the way Outremer in conjunction with Oceanvolt have simply failed with the 4 Zero (they didn't make it past the canaries) with Jimmy Cornell as skipper (someone who could write the book on sailing around the world with small resources…) its fairly obvious that electric isn't ready… Yet. But we still have people who don't understand what a watt is and never really sailed, hacking on like we should all be running Tesla motor cruisers!
    Electric is not ready. Even with 2KW on deck you will barely have enough to run ships electronics, cooking, refrigeration and heating/cooling, you will still need some sort of generator (be that a big alternator or a genset.) If it is cloudy you won't have enough to run a fridge and will constantly be watching the batteries lose 10% per day. This is an unfortunate fact of sailing life due to the way we mount solar panels and the efficiencies currently afforded.
    We need a really big breakthrough just to get solar to all the run boat electronics reliably. Physics says we will never be able to run electric propulsion for a blue water cruiser. If on the other hand you are a day sailor who spends every night plugged in to the marina recharging the motor you have to get out, you may be in luck… Don't try motor sailing though or you will be getting towed back!

  13. One question I would be interested in hearing is if they are planning a performance version of the 1370 that is lighter and possibly has dagger boards (not that I have a problem with keels). kind of like the 1190 version of the 1160 standard.

  14. I'm confused as to why you connected "software for Planned Maintenance" and "early adopter tech." Planned Maintenance Systems (PMS) are so wildly common in military and commercial applications that they can't be considered "early adopter." You might be the smallest vessel you know who does it, but you couldn't in any reasonable sense be considered an "early adopter" if you took a leaf from that particular book.

    I HIGHLY recommend you make some formal PMS program for your boat. It doesn't matter if you put it in a computer or if you do it like the Navy did it in my day (USN 1996-2001) and put it on graph paper. You will be way happier if you're maintaining equipment before it breaks than managing breakdowns later in life. And since it's a new vessel, when the time comes to sell it and move up, over, or out, you'll have really good records so you can show the new owners actual data on costs and time spent. To be honest, judging by how I've seen you operate, I don't think it being a formal system would be much different than what you actually do. You've never struck me as a "let it fall apart and I'll fix it then" sort of person.

  15. Impressive that Mike is so at ease with the camera and the confidence in the product without over egging it , straight forward answers selling the product without sales guff . Good stuff . Thanks .

  16. The question at 10:54 I took to mean, "will Seawind test to near destruction during sea-trials." If yes, then I know that I wouldn't want the particular boat that has already been so heavily stressed! Now one from the same build series would be a different story. Yes, it is very useful to know exactly how hard you can push a set of components before they all come apart. But not necessarily on the exact item that you are purchasing (i.e. YOURS is the test subject).

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