Viața pe îndelete a unui marinar

Viața pe îndelete a unui marinar

Navigam de la marea insula Mallorca la Isla Cabrera, în parcul național al Spaniei, pe Lagoon 52. Acest canal este finanțat de telespectatori ca tine. Vă rugăm să ne ajutați să menținem acest canal creând conținut grozav devenind un patron Donați prin Paypal pentru a ajuta


47 thoughts on “Viața pe îndelete a unui marinar

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  3. Three things….
    3 – Bobby… when a girl jumps at you like that, you’re supposed to catch her; not duck. 😂
    2 – Stand further back on the board to keep the nose out of the water, and give you better control. (The Steffenator was a legendary waterski/anything-skipping-behind-the-boat instructor)
    1 – Steph… can I hold the hose next time? 😋

    Thanks for the awesome video, guys!

  4. Presently you’re taking in over one million dollars a year from your YouTube……good for you ….you got away with all your complete bulshit!

  5. Stephanie is the best thing that has happened to both Sailing and Glamping Doodles I hope she is a permanent fixture, always full of fun beautiful and a very nice person, she obviously adores Bobby who is so lucky. We hope they are a permanent couple. Beautiful video as they all are. 😊😊😊😊

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