navigând spre show-ul ambarcațiunii

navigând spre show-ul ambarcațiunii

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39 thoughts on “navigând spre show-ul ambarcațiunii

  1. I think that Dragonfly trimaran is pure Sam Holmes. I can just see Pickled Herring ^2 painted on the side as it anchors off Elephant Island (off Antarctica.) If one of us wins the lotto…

  2. Sam,
    Are you part Eskimo? I happened to notice that you are bare foot. I only say that because you are wearing a heavy coat and hat. But it also looks cold whenever you are located. Btw have fun and be safe. ⛵

  3. I'm from Southampton been watching u for a while wish I had paid more attention to you coming over this way would have been great to buy you a beer and have a chat keep up the good content mate 👍

  4. Man, when you said Antarctica, I was kinda laughing, but then my next thought was, "sure, why not?" That'd be pretty badass.
    Those big trimarans are crazy. It's like a floating fortress with all those nooks and crannies.

  5. Hi lefta message, but carnt find it, it just said that its a shame you didnt go to Portsmouth, it realy has a deep history of Sailing. I guess you had to go to the Southamton BoatShow! loking forward to next seeson of sailing.

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